How to Control DSLR Completely from your Android Device

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Today photographic instruments are evolving at a great speed. The need for remote shutters has been present since a long time. And the remote controllers for the camera are really expensive, and also they do not offer much productivity and ease of control. Plus you need to carry them every time, and everywhere you take your camera. now just imagine a scenario, where you could remotely control the Android device using your smartphone. Here is a short post, by which you could control your DSLR camera using your android smartphone, including changing each and every setting and also taking the final shot.

In this post we will be using a app on the Play Store, named as DSLR Controller (BETA). This app has been developed by Chainfire, who is the leading android developer, and working on the Root Access. The SuperSU app was also coded by Chainfire. So the app would be well coded, that is for sure. Now this app lets you control your DSLR camera by making a false interface on your android screen as shown in the image. It also feeds you live footage, so you could also monitor when you need to take the shot, even sitting at a distance from the camera. This app could finds it’s appication in many photographic scenarios like, Long Exposure Shots, taking selfies, taking photos on Bulb Mode, Low Light Photography, making videos, and much more. So if you are looking for a way to control your DSRL Camera using Android Device, this app is for you.

Control DSLR from your Android Device:

So follow the steps below to completely control your DSLR from your Android Device, not only click pictures, but also change every setting on the camera remotely using this method.


  • Install this app from the Google Play Store
  • Now after you have installed this app on your phone, connect your Android Device with the DSLR camera using a USB cable.
  • Launch the app, and you will see an interface, where you could manipulate almost every setting of the camera.And remotely click picture, also the app streams the live feed from the camera, so you could see the setting changes and then when you have your required frame, just click using the android device remotely.



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