15 typical indian aunties who ruined our childhood

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I guess, the British Raj left India not because of Gandhi, but Indian Aunties who started a silent revolution of sabotaging their dream plans. They started spying on them, telling everything that they did to their mom, following them to places , opening their cards in public and also telling them to get into IITs.

Thank you Indian Aunties, for ruining our childhood for as long as we can remember. You transfixed them then, and you transfix us now. Here’s a list of typical Indian aunties, who are ruling India ever since.

1. The preachy aunty

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She’s the kind who’ll boast about her kids all the time to your mom. What she says is directly proportional to the amount of scoldings you get for no reason.

2. The know it all

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She knows everything. She knows what’s best for your future, which college to join, which course to take and making your choice easy for which subject to take in 12th.

3. The “foodie” aunty

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She might not know what to cook and how to cook, but she is ever ready to feed you with innovative dishes that she makes every now and then. Are you game for some karela pasta?

4. The aunty who compares

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She will compare your life to everyone in the vicinity and so no matter what you do, you’re always a little down according to her. Mr. Sharma’s son is making more money than you and oh, never mind but Mr. Verma’s daughter got into medical college.

5. The Cruella

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The one who will come to your mom and tell nasty stuff about you. Half of it will be just figments of her imagination.

6. The omnipresent aunty

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She probably has no business to keep, but she is always there in and around your house digging into stuff. Beware of such types. They are the biggest threat to our childhood.

7. The curious case

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She will inquire almost everything about you; from you and from others. In that case, she will leave no stone unturned.

8. The matchmaker

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She’s more worried about your life partner than she is about her own life. Her ultimate goal is to find you a man / lady and then die in peace. Ya, really!

9. The Rich aunty

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Her Gucci bag from sarojini nagar cost her 10,000 rupees. If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

10. The poor aunty

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This type of aunty who borrows everything that can be borrowed. Sugar, Iron, clothes, flour, books, crockery . . . .the list is endless.

11. The superstitious aunty

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She will cry her heart out when the milk over boils or when a cat is standing at your door or whatever. Her superstitions can stop you from pursuing best of things. Like going out on a full moon night or opening your hair on the day of an eclipse.

12. The too good looking aunty

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Well, she is too good looking to be an aunty for you. Ahem. Ahem.

13. The one with big contacts

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I can get it done. My brother’s daughter’s husband has a friend in that company and in the end it is of no use, because she never helps. She’s just a big blabbermouth.

14. The spy aunty

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She recently bought a binocular to keep an eye on you. Now she will know everything about you. It’s also tedious and confute to counter all the arguments that she throws at you.

15. The one who knows your teacher

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As easy as it may appear, having such an aunt is going to ruin your childhood to pieces. The mere thought of her coming to your place is equal to having all your cards on the floor, because she’ll tell your mom everything that you did at school.



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