12 Things You Face When you are Addicted to One Song

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Do you have moments when you’re scrolling down on your phone trying to find a nice song to listen to, when you come across that one song you so madly were in love with once upon a time? Seems crazy how you got over that track, because you played it every single moment of every single day without so much as wanting to listen to another one.

Following are the things you go through when you’re addicted to a particular song.

1. It’s always, ALWAYS on repeat


*Listens to same track for 8 hours straight*

2. Because you’re listening to that song over and over, people around you start getting bothered by it


Could you turn the volume down, please? Or maybe like, NOT LISTEN TO IT SO MUCH?

3. You’re so obsessed with the song, that you wake up with that song playing in your head


It only means that you must listen to it right away.

4. And you don’t even hesitate to put it as your ringtone


So you can listen to it even when you’re not listening to it.

5. You share that song with as many people as you can, because you want them to love it as much as you do



6. When that song starts playing on the radio, you get excited as hell


MY SONG! MY SONG! *Shrieks*

7. When someone interrupts you when you’re listening to the song, you play it right from the start



8. When the song isn’t playing, you unknowingly start humming it


The humming is inevitable. Always.

9. When you’re about to sleep, it’s that one song that goes on in your head the whole time


And as an obligation, you listen to it once more.

10. You make sure to look up the lyrics so that you can sing along with the song


So now you can REALLY enjoy the song. :D

11. There is one point in time when you think you’re sick of the song, till it starts playing again


I can’t listen to this anymo- *song starts playing*

12. And finally, letting go of that song becomes easy when you catch hold of another that you can binge on later


And then, the song you were obsessed with before, you will never listen to again. Amen.



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