how to Stay Healthy With A Desk Job.

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Do you have a 9 to 5 desk job? Great! If you are working behind a desk for 8 hours a day, it may not seem to be a physically tiring in comparison to your mates who have a physically taxing job. However, it can be more mentally tiring than you will ever know. So, by the end of the day’s work you are too exhausted and tired. Perhaps you just want to go home and relax or directly hit the bed on the first instance. Hitting the gym seems like a distant dream.

Here lies the main problem. You are required to work while spending a major chunk of the day sitting on a chair. You are quite unaware of not getting enough exercise for your body. The use of a proper computer chair for back pain is one of the tips to stay healthy and improve your posture. Below given are some more tips to stay healthy while having a desk job. The article is divided into two sections with the first one dedicated to physical health, and the latter is for increasing concentration. Read on to find out.


Tips to stay physically healthy

Both physical and mental health is equally important if you want to have a happy and healthy life. Here are some tips to improve your physical and mental health while dealing with a desk job.


  • Drink lots of water- a common solution to all problems

Your job is not that physically tiring. So what? The need to keep you hydrated remains the same. So, be sure to keep a thermos, jug, bottle or even a glass of water with you at your desk. You should opt for this instead of a sugary drink or your regular tea or coffee. Drinking water works wonders for your body and also detoxifies it. Not to forget, this can give you a great excuse to sneak a walk into your hour by landing up at the water cooler. You will be practically full almost all times, and so you shall be bringing less on fatty foods.


  • Maintain a good posture- think before you sit

The correct sitting posture by keeping your spine straight is very essential for working long hours behind a desk. A good sitting posture minus that slouch will keep the chances of back pain at bay. Moreover, if you are sitting for even an hour without standing up and stretching, it can pose to be a major problem. Keep taking small strolls around the office, walk to the water cooler or visit the washroom.  Do anything for the circulation of blood even by standing and stretching out your arms if the former seems atrocious. Following this practice shall keep you healthy and clear your head.


  • Opt to take the stairs- a healthy practice

Be sure of using the stairs in place of the elevator next time while reaching your desk of shifting between floors. This is an extremely popular knowledge so, just do it. This is not rocket science so you can use this knowledge even while visiting other buildings. There’s one cheat tip for you, if your floor is high you can start taking the stairs until you get tired. You can hop on the elevator after that for the rest of the way. Just make sure you climb higher and higher each day. For the latter part of your workout, you can time yourself on how faster you reach your destination.


  • Eat home-cooked food- who says they are bad

Do not forget to pack a healthy lunch from home. In case you are running late or do not have just enough time in the morning to pack a fresh, healthy meal look for eateries which serve healthy food. You scope out the area around your work to see which restaurants are close to your place with the likes of having a calorie friendly menu. Do a bit of research make them your go-to places for busy days and know the place better. Stop lazing around right away!



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