Top 8 Ayurvedic Treatments for Heart Disease

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Ayurvedic treatments for Heart disease provide with complete focus in striking at the very root of the disease by addressing the disease holistically. These Ayurvedic treatments would aim at not only relieving the individual of the heart disease, but also to provide him with the essential support and comfort for early and safe recovery.

 Ayurvedic treatments for Heart disease works on multiple healing areas.
  • Holistic Healing along with taking care of all aspects of Body, Mind & Soul Health and Well-being.
  • Dosha Balance, particularly Vata dosha or the Air body Humor. Dosha balancing also includes balancing the sub doshas i.e. Vyana Vata (blood flow and beat), Sadhaka Pitta (emotional balance) and Avalambaka Kapha (Sense of security).
  • Emphasis on Satvik and nourishing Diet along with enhanced digestion fire or the Agni.
  • Stress management and Detoxification of the body releasing the built in ama.
  • Ayurveda Panchkarma therapy and External Ayurvedic treatments for heart disease.
  • Hridya Basti.
  • Hridya Mudra is recommended for Heart Disease.
  • Yoga asanas and relaxation techniques.
  • Meditation and sound sleep of 8 hours daily.

Ayurvedic treatments for heart disease are supportive and supplementary to the main stream conventional medicine. Ayurvedic treatments for Heart disease includes modalities of Panchkarma, external therapies, internal medications, Activities, Advice of food and life style changes.

1. Panchkarma Ayurvedic Treatments for Heart Disease

Mainly our doctors would recommend Virechana ( Purgation Therapy) and Basti (Enema Thaerapy) in the Panchkarma Ayurvedic Treatment for Heart Disease.

2. External Ayurvedic Treatments for Heart Disease

Along with Panchkarma, some external Ayurvedic Treatments for Heart Disease are believed to be highly beneficial both for relieving and providing support to the heart patient, and also these Ayurvedic treatments effectively help to keep the heart disease at distance. The most recommended External Ayurvedic Treatments for Heart Disease are Abhyanga or the full body massage and Shiro dhara. Abhyanga massage is performed by the therapists using warm medicated oil moving their hands synchronously all over the body including the Marma points. And Shiro dhara aids by balancing andnourishing the sixth chakra and removes spiritual obstructions if any from this particular chakra. This therapy of Shiro dhara is the technique of running a fine stream of warm oil, buttermilk, milk or ghee (clarified butter) on the middle of the forehead.

3. Hrid Basti – Ayurvedic Treatments for Heart Disease

In Hrid Basti, the warm medicated oil or herbal decoction is poured over the heart region. The benefits include; Cardio Myopathy; relieves pain in the region; strengthens chest muscles; normalizes heart function and pacifies Vata. It helps to remove the negative emotions such as unresolved anger, frustration and sadness. Watch the video of Hrid Basti.

4. Hridya Mudra – Hand Alignment for Heart Disease

This mudra or hand alignment has been particularly designed for those suffering from heart disease, and yet individuals having high blood pressure and palpitations may also drive favorable results from practicing the same. The index finger is to be kept steady in the root of the thumb. Next touch the tip of the thumb to that of the middle finger and ring finger together. Keep the little finger straight up. This hand alignment for heart disease may be performed once or twice a day for a period of two to five minutes.

5. Stress Management – Essential for Heart Disease

As Ayurvedic treatments aim at holistic approach for relieving the heart disease, focus is laid both at nourishing the emotional heart as well as the physical heart. Mental and emotional stress can disrupt the emotional heart and therefore stress management has been believed to be essential for providing recovery from heart disease. Learn more about Best Ayurvedic treatments for Stress management.



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