WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature: How to activate?

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We have  been hearing rumors for a while now about WhatsApp launching voice calling on its Android app. The feature is indeed available in the app’s latest version, but you’ll need another user’s help to activate it.

The voice calling feature that WhatsApp had been teasing and testing for some time now is finally going mainstream. The WhatsApp voice calling feature is enabled in the latest build of the WhatsApp Messenger that is now available for download for Android devices on Google Play (version 2.11.561).

But WhatsApp isn’t activating voice calling feature right away. Desirous users will still need an invite, in the form of a WhatsApp call from any other WhatsApp user who has the feature activated on his/her app.

The steps to activate voice callng-

1. Go to Google Play and download/update the free WhatsApp Messenger app. (version 2.11.561).

2. Ask any other WhatsApp user you know with the voice calling feature activated to call you via WhatsApp.

Following the call you should find the WhatsApp voice calling feature activated on your phone. You will now see a new ‘Calls’ tab to the left of the Chats and Contacts tab on the WhatsApp home screen.

There is a no any official announcement by company so, If you haven’t received the calling feature even after updating to the latest version, it’s better to forget about it for the moment and wait for the official announcement. When WhatsApp announced its WhatsWeb, the feature was available across allversions. So, we can expect the same this time for voice calling.



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