A fit, healthy body—that is the best fashion statement

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Make A plan


Make time for your exercise routine and design a program that work with your schedule. Plan ahead and write out a specific and consistent schedule. Then you just have to stick with his unit will it become a habit. Make down your weight and as your programmer develops you will have a visible record of your progress.


You might not like numbers the bathroom scales are greeting you with now, but by the time you’ve lost those extra pounds you will be pleased to know exactly what you have achieved.

At the outset, set yourself realistic goals.

There is no point is shedding half a stone in one week by starving yourself. It will be musical that you are losing and not fat. About 1 kg of weight – loss per week is perfectly acceptable.


If you are exercising a lot, progress could seem slow – muscle is heavier then fat. Instead of worrying about weight, look at your shape, and ask yourself whether your clothes feel looser. Here are some steps you can take to get back to you exercise routine or start a new exercise regime while avoiding sore musical and injury:

Set yourself a goal

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What is your ultimate specific goal? Is it to be able to run 5 miles silver time per week or to compete in a Marathon or a triathlon? Do you want to lose weight and improve posture? If your black and abdominal region are your areas of fat accumulation, doing a combination class of Pilates end power yoga will show results faster than other routines. Aim for three combination classic fit cardio vascular activity on tha rest of the days. People with a heavy lower body should aim to enroll in kickboxing, step work out your other weight burning cardio routine at least thrice a week. If you have a lot of fat to shed, then aim for a combination of classes or running and walking for a total of 5 to 6 times a week.

Move More

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This is the 10,000 – steps – a – day argument. We are getting heavier because we are moving less. Our bodies were designed to move. We have been walking for two and a half million years, and now, all of sudden, we are sitting down – at desks, in cars, in front of television.

Research has shown, however, that why power Walking IMO 30 – 50 minutes 80 week old lost weight, and that’s without changing any other part of your daily routine. So, Stride out.  You’ve got nothing to lose. The key word, however, is “power”. A little light Window shopping is not going to turn off the calories or strengthen on musical fiber.

Including Hills in your walk can increase your calorie -burn much more. Ak can walking on softer surface such as sand or glass.



Take it easy

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If you have stopped exercising for 2 months or more you will not be able to just force your back into your regular routine. Pushing yourself can result in an injury, which will force you to again take time off.


  • For the first 6 days, extend the time of both your warm – up and your cool down to protect your body from injury.
  • For the first 2 to 4 weeks, aim to work out 3 times per week on nonconsecutive days and keep sessions less than 45 minutes. As your fitness builds, you can add more workouts per week and increase the time spent working out. You will know you are ready to progress when your workout routine is no longer challenging.
  • Allow your body some rest. Trust your    body’s signals, such as fatigue, to let you know when you have received your limit for each session.do not wait until you are in pain to stop. Stop when you feel your muscles tiring.
  • Alternate types of exercise. Is your goal involved and aerobic activity, try to fit in a couple of sessions of it training, such as weights, yoga are players and vice versa.

Eat a healthy wholesome diet and avoid Sugar as much as possible .Make sure you always drink plenty of Water and have some papaya juice after a particularly sweaty workout.



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