1 Things You want To Do To people With Fake Accents

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Here are the things people should (if they haven’t already) do to people with fake accent.

1. Strangle them so hard that their very soul feels it


eeerrrr….. stop speaking!

2. Speak in the same accent as them and when they make fun of you…


laugh sarcastically and say, “That’s what you sound like, bitch!”

3. Where were you born? Which country? Does that country exist on world map?


Why the accent?

4. Shove paper balls in their mouth every time they try to speak


Shut up will you?

5. Give them an intense death stare


 So much, so that their face melts and they never speak again.

6. Check if they are wearing braces


Error 404 braces not found, then why the bloody accent?!?!?!

7. Slap them


And slap them again.

8. Run away from them, far far away


Or make them run away!

9. Get them drunk just to see if they lose the stupid accent along with their inhibitions


The only thing you desperately want to get rid off is their accent.

10. Record their voice and make them listen to it


Torture them with their own voice.

People, please drop that accent. :(



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