10 Misconceptions Everyone had About Backbenchers in School

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Here are a few misconceptions people had about back bench kids in school.

1. They’re bad influence


“They smoke, probably even do drugs, and sleep.”  Nope.

2. They’re mischievous beyond repair


Everyone’s a little mischievous, okay. Just because we occupied the corner seats doesn’t mean we had something shady up our sleeves.

3. The ones sitting at the back never pay attention during the lectures


Again, that’s not true. We just think that sometimes, it’s okay to stare out of the window and look at pretty chirping birds.

4. And so, they won’t be able to answer any questions the teacher asks


Try us. *flips hair*

5. Making friends with them will be a mistake


In fact, you’ll have friendships that will last a lifetime with them.

6. They’re the troublemakers of class


You haven’t seen the first bench kids do anything because you were too busy judging the last benches. Ugh.

7. They will definitely cheat in an exam


Dude, EVERYONE cheats.

8. Back-benchers have an attitude problem


If you think that, maybe YOU have an attitude problem.

9. They’re not interested in studies; just masti


Nope. We also like sports, dance, choir, etc. Some of the back bench kids even became prefects. What now?

10. They won’t have a bright future


^Said by the man himself.

So, you were saying?



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