16 Beautiful Countries you Can travel Without a Visa

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Domestic travelers whine about not being able to take a sabbatical. International travelers have their own concerns. The science of VISA, which is stopping ardent travelers from going the distance from ages has finally been resolved. Here’s a list of countries which will quench a traveler’s need.

1. Jordan, Middle East

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Make the best of this opportunity and plan your next visit to this regal place.

2. Kenya, Africa

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The exotic wildlife is set to drop your jaws!

3. Madagascar, Southeast Africa

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After watching the epic movie, who isn’t interested in meeting King Julien?

4. Thailand, Southeast Asia

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Famous for the infamous reasons, Thailand is more than what you thought it was.

5. Uganda, East Africa

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The 90 days bracket will leave you flabbergasted, asking for more.

6. Haiti, Caribbean Country

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The aura of these playful beaches has been blamed for extended vacations.

7. Fiji, Melanesia

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This eye-catching place is divine and sensational. Packed your bags already? Wait!

8. Macau, China

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This is one hallelujah place which will literally dig holes in your pocket. ( Gambling capital of Asia )

9. Hong Kong, China

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HK is electrifying, magnetic, majestic, gorgeous and wild.

10. Cook Islands (Free association with New Zealand)

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Once you visit this place, the defination of an Island will change for you. It comprises of 15 islands and that’s your scenic delight.

11. Cambodia, Southeast Asia

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The moment you step here, you’ll find yourself somewhere amidst dream dragons and aesthetically pleasing beauty.

12. Cape Verde, Atlantic Ocean

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This place is for your someone special. Save it travelers.

13. Bolivia, South America

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Not just the salt lake, but have a look at these artistic streets. So mesmerizing.

14. Bermuda, North America

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Not sure about the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, this heavenly abode is located on the nothernmost side and is absolutely safe! Chill.

15. Myanmar, Southeast Asia

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In search of freedom and peace of mind, you ought to come here.

16. Indonesia, Southeast Asia

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The pristine beaches, blistering heat of the volcano and what not. Indonesia is everyone’s favorite.

17. Ethiopia, Africa

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This avant-garde place is coming straight from the books of God.

Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life.



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