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You could heal your cracked completely dry heels simply by using home remedies.

Below are 10 basic home remedies for completely dry cracked heels that you may find useful:

  1. Salt, lemon, rose water, glycerin cracked heels mask:

You should attempt this mask if you wish to have stunning smooth feet. With this home remedy you will eliminate the cracked feet quicker than you think. You could use this in 2 different ways, to wash your feet and make a mask from these ingredients.

Only if you want to clean them first, load a huge bowl with warm water and add raw salt, rose water, glycerin and lemon juice. Place your feet and delight in for 20 mins. You can likewise take a pumice stone and scrub the cracked areas on your feet.

To ready a mask take 1tsp lemon juice, 1tsp pure glycerin and 1tsp rose water. Mix them all together and apply over your heels. If you want to leave the mask overnight wear a set of socks. In the early morning wash your feet with lukewarm water.

  1. Vegetable oil:

Vegetable oil is very good and can be used for dry skin on your feet. By simply applying the oil on the cracked places you will minimize the dead skin from your feet. Prior to applying the oil your feet should be cleansed and dried out completely. You could saturate a pair of socks in the oil and also wear them over night while you’re sleeping. In the morning all you need to do is clean them off. If you want to have results this should be repeated many times.

  1. Banana along with banana and avocado cracked heels mask:

Do you know that with a pulp of a ripe banana you could get rid of the damage skin of your heels and also feet. Place the banana and also keep it for 10 mins as well as you will certainly see it.

If you want you could additionally develop a mask from banana in combination with avocado.

Blend them together with a green coconut in a blender or food processor. Then apply the mixture on your feet. Avocados as well as coconuts are full with vitamins and essential oils which are good for completely dry skin.

  1. Vaseline and lemon juice:

Clean all the dirt from your feet and also placed them in warm water from 15 to 20 mins. Then wash them up as well as dry them but not completely.

Prepare a mix from lemon juice and 1tps Vaseline. Apply the blend on the humid heels or the various other cracked places on your feet. Massage these parts till the skin absorbs all the juice.

It is much more sensible if you do this before going to bad, because you will maintain it for a longer period of time. It is better for you to put on cotton socks because they will increase the effect. .

  1. Paraffin Wax:

If you have damaged or painful heels than paraffin wax is the best solution for you. Combine it with collected or coconut oil. Warmth the mixture in a pan till it melts completely. Leave it for 15-20 mins and when it is cool down put it on the cracked places area. It is much more effective if you keep it over night.

  1. Honey:

If you are seeking for an ingredient with anti-bacterial properties than take honey.

Planning: Mix one cup of honey to half a container of warm water and also soak your feet for 15 mins in it. Massage therapy gently for soft as well as flexible feet.

  1. Rice Flour:

This scrub of rice flour is great for cracked feet.



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