15 Things Women Do That Guys Don’t Understand

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Having guy friends has made me realize that men just don’t understand women. Though I have no idea why. We are very simple to understand, guys! We just need you to pay attention sometimes. And also read our mind sometimes. So here’s a list of things that women do, that most men don’t understand:

1. The need for details


Because half-knowledge is dangerous. That’s why.

2. Going to the toilet in a group


Hermione Granger was attacked by a troll when she went to the bathroom all alone. Just saying.

3. Why a girl takes so much time to get ready


Because that red shirt does not go with my favourite jeans, and my awesome high heels don’t go with that new skirt that I want to show off. *sigh*

4. Gossiping about each and every thing


Come on, guys! It’s not just girls who love to gossip. Admit it already!

5. How women keep track of who owes how much money


What generally happens is, when guys go out, one guy will pay for all of it and might even forget about it later. Though of course, not all men are the same. Money is…well, money. Why wouldn’t you want it if somebody wants to give it to you?

6. Remembering every tiny thing


Because that thing you forgot at 9:23 am on the 27th of February 2010, that had happened on the 13th of December 2008 really made me question your sanity.

7. How they tell every tiny little thing to their girlfriends


…and also know every tiny little detail about their friends’ lives.

Though I must tell you – that not all girls are like this. And also, after a point, talking about sports and technology does get boring. #confession

8. How you can go shopping for an entire day


If you had to choose between jeans and jeggings, shorts and dungarees, t-backs and long-sleeves, you would…okay do guys even know that clothes come in such styles?

9. “I am fine”



10. Why you would Bro-zone a guy…Not even friend-zone…Bro-zone


All Indians are my brothers and sisters. Especially you.

11. Why they love to watch sappy romantic comedies especially when such stuff does not happen in real life


Because normal people in real life won’t read your personal diary back to you, so that you can remember the person you fell in love with before you lost your memory.

12. Why women have so many shoes


…and how they walk in heels! But those killer heels do look oh-so-sexy, don’t they?

13. How haircuts cost so much yet girls pretty much look the same before and after it


Guys, did you know there’s a haircut called a “Feather Cut”? And no, this haircut does not involve cutting hair in the shape of a feather.

14. Contents of handbags


Red lip balm. Check. Pink lip gloss. Check. Sunglasses. Check. Kohl. Check.

15. Why somebody else wearing the same outfit as her bothers her SO much


Because we spent a LOT of time in choosing and buying this one dress that will stand out amongst others And also, we are not a sports team. So.

This is just a fun take on the entire thing because turns out, neither do guys understand girls, and nor do girls understand guys. Let’s just all die alone. *peace sign*



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