14 Important Things long Distance Love teaches You

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“Long distance relationships don’t work.”

People who have been/are in long distance relationships are tired of hearing this statement, or statements similar to this. Let’s get one thing straight- for some, LDRs work, and for some, they don’t.

For people who are in LDRs at this moment, here’s a few things that’ll make you feel better, and re-instate the fact that your decision of making it work is good.

Here are the things being in a long distance relationship teaches you.

1. When people think a relationship might not work, it’s their problem, and not yours


Every relationship is different and has a different dynamic. No one should judge it.

2. It makes you realize the importance of a person in your life


And what you could do to keep them in your life.

3. Distance makes the heart grow fonder


It’s true; it does.

4. Technology is a god send


Snapchat, Whatsapp, Line, Viber, Hike, Skype…thank you.

5. All good things are worth the wait


Even though the wait might seem gruesome.

6. It teaches us patience


When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

7. And also the appreciation of having your own space


You’re more in tune with your ‘me-time’ than couples who aren’t doing the distance thing.

8. Tangible distances don’t matter when the love is unconditional



9. In a way, it makes you more creative and romantic


Cards, presents, surprises…it makes you want to impress your love even more. Ain’t nobody going to complain about that!

10. You learn to cherish the time you have with someone you love


Every moment is precious.

11. You realize just how strong you are


Love can break you, but it can also make you fly.

12. And how much you can trust someone


When the bond is strong, no doubt can break it.

13. It teaches you that at the end of the day, faith is important


You may have facts in hand, but what is life without a little faith?

14. And finally, it teaches you that the most genuine goodbyes will bring the best welcomes when the time is right


Because when you’ve found your lobster, you’ve found ‘em.

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