9 Reason Why we Should Stop Hating to Each Other

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Hate – it’s about as common as the flu. You could throw a stone out in a crowded place and you’re sure to hit someone who is enraged by someone- his boss, some person who did something to anger him the other day, or anyone he thinks is doing better than him. We’re all turning into this person off late- and it’s really not our fault. We’re consumed with wanting to live a life a notch higher than it is, and if something limits us, we hate. We’ve made this for ourselves, and we’re the only ones who can break it.

So stop the hate, and read why you should.

1. If we treat each other badly, it gives leverage to the others to treat us badly


Be it anyone. If we start to show our hatred through words or actions, to anyone, it only gives other people a chance to think it’s okay to express themselves the same way with us. When we stop, they stop.

2. Empowering one ‘type’ of person by bringing down another is not actually empowerment


For example, if you’re someone who doesn’t wear make-up, it’s fine. But belittling another person because they do? Not cool.

3. Dear women- if we start envying each other over superficial things, this is bound to happen


Our talent, hard work, and dedication goes for a toss, and our worth is boiled down to zero.

4. Which only re-instates the wrong notion that women stand quietly behind the shadows of a man by being his wife, girlfriend, or daughter, which is far from the truth


The headline. It’s all in the headline.

5. Even something as simple as mother-in-laws not supporting their daughter-in-laws speaks volumes


Forget the TV serials. Forget ‘em.

6. In supporting each other, we’ll find personal growth


It’s not a competition. It won’t be.

7. Saying ‘I’m not like the others’ is nothing but, again, bringing down someone else because you think you’re better


Everyone is different, and the only thing you should do is accept it.

8. Body shaming someone is a very regressive thing to do


No one deserves to be treated differently, especially on the basis of their appearance.

9. And lastly, it’s about knowing that the more you empower others, the stronger you’re making yourself


Seriously. Treat yourself.

And love.



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