Girls are Reveal Their Real Thoughts On Beards Must

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Growing a perfect beard is every man’s new obsession and just like most trends, everyone has an opinion on them. To give you a perspective on what women really think about your scruffy bearded faces, we went out and asked a few women to share their thoughts.

So, what have you decided? Do you think it’s time you got yourself a pack of multiblade razors to do the deed or you think your beard can survive another honest opinion?


Best Grooming Tips From Women

1. Do something about those hands

Exercise, physical labour and yes, even 45 hours a week typing at a keyboard, can leave your mitts looking less than shakeable. While we don’t recommend you whip an apricot-scented hand cream out on the bus, a little ‘rub-down’ before bed will go a long way. “The great news is that the beauty industry has created new product lines tailored to men, so now you can choose from unscented or even man-scented moisturisers,” says Olivia.

2. Sock it to your sockets

You watch your S/O pat eye cream on at night and wonder what on earth she’s doing, when in fact you should be doing the same thing. Eye cream, especially one that’s been chilling in the fridge, eliminates dark circles and puffiness while keeping wrinkles at bay. “Women aren’t the only ones who lose sleep and a hectic lifestyle can just as easily show up on a man’s face,” says Olivia. “Tending to tired eyes with a cooling gel (they even make mess-free, rollerball applicators) is a refreshing feeling at the end of the day.”

3. Pucker up

We agree; there’s nothing less cool than lathering your chops with a chapstick between dessert and the drive home (talk about presumptuous). Unfortunately, the cold weather plays havoc with a man’s sensitive facial skin, and lips quickly end up dry and chapped. Licking them will only make it worse, but if you’re asking her to put up with your five o’clock shadow the least you can do is swipe on some Blistex. “They’re cheap as chips and come in totally neutral scents with no colour,” Olivia advises.

4. Wash your damn face

Expecting you to submit to a nightly routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising is a little much, but throwing a face wash into the shower mix is essential. Men’s skin care is a booming industry and there are plenty to choose from – look for ingredients like charcoal, which give the cleanser a gritty, masculine feel while getting deep into pores to remove dirt. “Even office-bound boys need to cleanse off the dirt and grime collected on their skin throughout the day,” adds Olivia.

5. Crank up the volume

Give your flat hair a boost (and cut down on the time it takes you to get out the door each morning) but spraying a little dry shampoo or volumising powder into the roots of your hair before bed. For fresh-from-the-beach hair, without the hassle of finding a car park, try sea salt spray – “All it takes is a little spritz of sea salt spray to get the textured, dishevelled hair that makes girls weak at the knees,” says Olivia.



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