Amazing differences between habit of men and women

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Men and women can be so different. You can see this in the little things as well as the important stuff. Here are just a few examples which we’ve noticed.

So, men and women…

1. Undress differently


Men and women take off their clothes in different ways. Most often, men put their arms behind their shoulders, pulling their top away from their spine using their collar. Women cross their arms in front, pulling off their clothes whilst gripping the hem and turning them inside out as they do so. Men might use either method, but women only use the latter. This isn’t because we’re taught to undress differently; instead it’s the result of the fact that most women’s clothing is more close fitting, and using the ’male’ method just doesn’t work.

2. Show their hands differently

When asked to display their hands, men (provided they’ve got nothing to hide!) will always show you their palms, whereas women for some reason always proffer you the back of their hands.

3. Throw balls differently

Men usually throw balls from above and behind their head, whilst women throw them upwards from below and whilst holding it with both hands in front of them. Why? No one knows!

4. Yawn differently


Paris Hilton and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair

More often than not, men cover their mouth with a fist when yawning, whilst women use an open palm — probably, because it’s considered to look more elegant and ’feminine’.

5. Hear sounds differently

Women have a keener sense of hearing than men, and are experts at picking up high frequency sounds. Amazingly, the female brain is ’programmed’ to hear a child’s cry, whilst a majority of men will sleep right through it as if nothing happened. And if a kitten meows somewhere, a woman is far more likely to hear it than a man. However, equally fascinatingly, men can discern the direction from which a sound is coming better than women. So he’ll tell her where the kitten is hiding!

6. Sit differently

Jennifer Lopez and Johnny Depp

Women typically sit with their legs crossed, often wrapping their legs around each other. Men usually prefer to spread themselves out, placing their knees far apart. In part, this is because the majority of men and women wear different kinds of clothing; it’s not usually considered a good idea for a woman to sit in the ’male position’ if she is wearing a short skirt. For men, on the other hand, their instinctive sitting position has its roots in evolution: this is the typical pose of an ’alpha male’ demonstrating his masculinity.

7. Distinguish between right and left differently

Men never mix up right and left, as the more active part of their brain is either the right, or the left hemisphere — never both. Yet if you ask most women which is their left hand, you won’t get an instantaneous answer. Often they will look at a ring, or think about which hand they write with, in order to remind themselves. This is why men all around the world complain that women can’t tell left from right!

8. See differently


Men can see clearly ahead, and far into the distance. You might say they have eyes like binoculars. This is called tunnel vision — the vision of a hunter capable of tracking his prey. This is why men sometimes accuse women of hiding things from them; even if their socks, or underwear, or car keys and wallet, or something in the fridge, are all where they should be, a man cannot pick them out straightaway if they aren’t in his direct field of vision. In contrast, women have much better peripheral vision. It’s argued that this is the result of the fact that a woman needs to see what’s around her as much as she can, in order to keep track of her children and quickly detect any danger to them. These differences can have serious consequences. Insurance companies claim that women are less likely to be involved in road accidents where their car is hit from the side. They are however far more likely to scratch their car when trying to parallel park, since they have a poorely developed sense of space.



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