10 Things that Happen when you live in a joint family

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Family- we can’t live without them. Joint families means twice more fun than a regular family-there are so many people, and so many companions as we’re growing up.  The joys are incomparable, but so are the struggles.

Here are a few things we experience living in a joint family.

1. There is no such thing as personal space

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People…people everywhere.

2. There is an insane amount of food made every single day

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There will never be a shortage of food. Midnight snacks, bring it on!

3. Even when you’re alone, you’re not really alone

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Mom and dad leave town for a month?Awesome Uncle-aunty live right under the same roof.

4. Make way for a family whatsapp group, where no one will ever stop spamming

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This is when you start detesting technology in general.

5. You have to share your food, even if sometimes you don’t feel like it

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*Cousin comes and steals a piece of chicken off your plate* WTF.

6. You always had company to play with

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And, you always had a partner for all pranks and the ‘masti’.

7. And train journeys were super duper fun

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Especially when your family occupied the entire section of berths. YAY. :D

8. There are no dinners that you have spent eating all by yourself

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And, dinner orders placed were never, EVER, for a single person.

9. Every teacher in your school knew you lived in a joint family, because your cousins were pretty much in the same school

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Convenience at its best. And if you fell in trouble, you’re sure that one of your siblings will blurt it out at home.

10. Many women= lots of gossip

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Can’t hear and know enough about distant aunties and uncles.



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