14 Life Lessons you can learn from a DOG

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One glorious deed which was done by mankind, that changed the entire course of events to come was to befriend dogs. Dogs have been inextricable ever since and the fondness intensify everyday. There are innumerable reasons why we love dogs; probably because he’s the only one on earth who loves us more than he loves himself.

This heroic figure has many life lessons for us. Check them out.

1. Be considerate

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Have you ever seen your dog losing it totally? Well he’s the most considerate being you’ll ever come across. He’ll sense things and then react accordingly.

2. Be understanding

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Ever wondered why there is no communication gap between you and your dog, sans the use of any language? Because he is pretty understanding.

3. Loyalty

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That’s the thing with dogs. You don’t really ask for anything and they give it all to you, most importantly their loyalty.

4. Love unconditionally

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Love with all your heart or don’t love at all. There’s no middle ground when you love someone. Your dog, of all the things is the biggest example of that.

5. All kinds of food is meant to be eaten and not thrown

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Eat that thing. Eat that thing too. And that one too. Food is awesome. Food is woof woof. Bring me more. Bring it all.

6.Protect your territory

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Oh boy, you don’t want to risk your life. Do you? Learn from your dog how to protect your loved ones. He’ll fight with the entire vicinity to save you.

7.Greet everyone with smile

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Could this smile get any bigger? Dogs are willing to go that extra mile to make someone’s day. They start by greeting everyone with a big smile or some quirky jump.

8. Express yourself

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The pressure of life can leave you exhausted more often than not. But that shouldn’t keep you from being awesome. Express yourself.

9. Forgive and Forget

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Dogs do everything in the right light. They try to leave on to things that matter less, because in the end, many things don’t really matter. So forgive and forget. :)

10. Make new friends

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Your dog gels with everyone. Everyone on the street, all your friends and all your relatives. He never hesitates in breaking the barrier. You too shouldn’t.

11.Give people another chance

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Everyone deserves that another chance. Your dog gives you one every now and then, when you accidently step on his tail. Doesn’t he?

12. Be yourself

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Never be afraid to show your messy side to anyone. Those who matter won’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.

13. Never be afraid to show your love

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We often refrain ourselves from showing the love we have for people around us. Why? Be expressive. Show some love. Tell them you care. Tell people that you are there.

14. Enjoy little things in life

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Life is less trouble and more fun. Learn from your dog how to kick start every day with that zeal and enthusiasm.

The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.” 



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