10 Awesome Answer You Can Give To the Question ”Why Are you Still Single”

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So the next time somebody asks you, “Why are you still single?“, tell them it’s because:

1. All my exes dumped me because I’m obsessed with Yo Yo Honey Singh


This will immediately make them never want to ask you anything. Ever.

2. I killed my last boyfriend and it was too difficult to carry his body to the dumpster


What to do.

3. My cat didn’t like any of my girlfriends


Excuse me, but my feline room mate makes all my decisions for me.

4. I told my last girlfriend she had a nice moustache, but she got angry and dumped me. I have no idea why :(


People can be so mean, right?

5. I was married to a goat when I was a kid so I can’t date now. It’s cheating


True Story.

6. I kissed a guy and he turned into a frog



7. Point at the blank space and say, “He’s here. Can’t you see him?”


Are you just trying to ignore him?

8. I don’t need a boyfriend. I have food


This is actually a pretty legit reason. Food never argues. Food listens and understands.

9. I’m too good for everyone


Also true.

10. According to my horoscope, I’ll have to stay single till the curse is lifted


Can’t defy astrology, yo.



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