10 Important Life Lessons We can learn from Our Father

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Fathers- our protectors. The ones who provide for us. The ones who know how to discipline, but also know how to goof around and take a chill pill. They’re the ones we run off to when Ma is being unreasonable, and teach us lessons that sometimes Ma can’t teach.

Following are the things we can learn from our dads.

1. Hard work always pays off


Whatever you do, put in your 100% to it.

2. Never, ever be dishonest when it comes to work


No matter how easy and alluring it may seem.

3. Don’t do something just because you’re getting good money for it. If you don’t believe in it, don’t do it


If it’s not something you like, you’ll never be content.

4. There is absolutely no one stronger than a person who can display his emotions in front of his loved ones


It’s the ultimate sign of strength.

5. It’s always important to express your opinion


Don’t supress it because you think you’re not important enough to express it. Say it; it might change the outlook of everyone else around you.

6. Save. Save a lot. But when you’re splurging, don’t hesitate


Never, ever feel guilty because you’ve earned it.

7. Only time will tell you who your true friends are


And if you’re an honest person, you might learn it the hard way. But don’t let it bog you down.

8. Men are strong, and so are women


Behind your father’s success is also your mother who supported him through it all.

9. Your true character is revealed with the way you behave with people who are not as privileged as you are


It’s never about how you respect the higher authority; it’s about how generous you are with people who can’t afford what you can.

10. No person is perfectly good or perfectly bad. We all need someone who complements our qualities and make us better people


Your father isn’t perfect, and neither is your mother. But when you see both of them together, you can’t help but marvel at how good they have it as a couple; as a team.

And finally, fathers teach us how to be independent and take the responsibility for our own actions. And when we slack, make sure to find a strong support system to help you out. :)



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