15 Great Tips on How to Save Your Hard Earned Money

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We all earn by wasting our brain as well as our physical strength. But most people can’t make a good use of those hard earned money. It is really important to save money for emergency period. The followings are some tips on how you can save your money.

01. Save Changes

This is the best way to save your money every day. Whenever you have changes don’t spend them. Collect it in a jar or box. Do this regularly. After one month you will notice that the money you have gathered is enough for you to open a bank account

02. Stop Unnecessary Shopping

Unnecessary spending money will lead you to a big destruction. Spend money when you need. Do not buy unnecessary things.

03. Make a Tight Budget

A budget is necessary in every month. Whenever you get money or before getting it you need to make a budget for your whole month. A budget will give you a proper direction about how much money you need to spend on different sectors.

04. Master Thirty Day Rule

You can make a thirty day list for what you need. If you want to buy anything that is not so important then wait for 30 days. After 30 days you will find that the necessity is vanished and you will feel that you have saved your money by not buying that thing.

05. Make Parties at Home

Don’t spend too much money in restaurants. If you want to give treat to friends then ask them to come over your house. That will help you to save a lot of money.

06. Keep Tracking Your Spending

Most people don’t know or realize where they spend money and how they do it. Never do that sort of work. Keep track of your Spending. Only then you will be able to know where you have spend money unnecessarily. And then don’t do that work frequent.

07. Open a Bank Account

When you get money from your job or business keep an amount in bank. That will give you pleasure. If you ever need money then you can take that amount from bank. Otherwise the amount will be safe in bank locker and you will also be profitable by interests.

08. Always Carry a List When Go to Shopping

Always make a list of your necessary things you need to buy form markets. This will give you proper direction about spending your money. Do not buy things outside of the list. Thus you can save a lot of money by stopping your habit of buying unimportant things.

09. Give up Expensive Habits

Expensive habits like smoking, drinking alcohol are a big waste of money as well as harmful for health. Give up those habits. Stay healthy and keep saving your money.

10. Cancel Unused Membership

You can find out which membership is need for you and which is a waste of money. Do keep the necessary memberships like club or shopping stores and stop others. This will save your money surely.

11. Do Not Shop Regularly

Some people have the habit to buy something everyday. This is a total waste of money. If you need anything then make lists and buy necessary things in a day or two. Do not waste your money by shopping everyday.

12. Make Insurance for Your Car

Car insurance is very important. If your car is damaged by accidents then the insurance will help you cut down your cost.

13. Use Your Credit Card Safely

Don’t waste money from your credit card. Sometimes the credit card rates are high. If you continuously spend money by credit card then you will incur a great loss. So spend money after thinking negative impacts.

14. Reinvest Your Money

If you get money from any business then think about the profit and loss and then reinvest the money. If you invest money then you will get interests from there. So instead spending money invest it for better use.

15. Aim Short Term Savings

When you get chance save your money. This short term money saving will help you a lot. Save money every day. May be the amount is little but someday you will find that the little amount has become a mountain.



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