15 Things You Should Give up to Stay Happy

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01. Need to Always Be Right

There are many of us who can’t stand that they are wrong in any matter. If you always want to be right that can’t be happened. Every people do mistakes. You have to accept the truth whether you are right or wrong. Always wanting to be right can become an obsession if it goes for long time.

02. Need to Control Things

Some people have the mentality to control everything. You need to give up the bad thing from you. Let it what it is. People around you or the situation cannot be always under your control. So please do not try to control everything that happens.

03. Don’t Blame Others

You need to take responsibility of your own life. No one is responsible for it. You can make your life happy or bad. Don’t blame other people around you that they have destroyed your life. You have the capability to do by your will. So don’t give up your power by blaming people.

04. Give up Negative Mind Set

People talks as well as they have a mindset where they talk to themselves. And this internal dialogue has a great influence in life. Don’t establish a negative storage in your mind. Don’t think yourself as low and don’t think negative about yourself. To ignore the negativity is very important in life to be happy.

05. Give up Living Your Life to Other People’s Expectations

Don’t try to please other people always by not listening to your mind. Most people live their lives to what parents tell, what friends tell, what enemies look. Don’t live your life to other people’s expectation because that can distract you from your right path.

06. Give up the Past

Yesterday is a history and tomorrow is a mystery. Don’t think of past always. Past can be better from the present sometimes but you need to have courage to overcome the fear and progress in life. Past is such a thing that doesn’t let you success in your future. Obviously past is important where you can learn your mistakes for better life. If you think about past you will ignore present or future that can be proved fatal. So give up the past for better.

07. Don’t Limit Your Beliefs

People are limited by how they view their potential. So give up your limits. Don’t believe in things like impossible. Don’t limit your capabilities by believing such cheap things and spread your limit.

08. Don’t Complain about Life

Give up complaining many things in your life. Sometimes something can happen or not. But don’t blame it because this can make you sad. Complaining about life doesn’t do anything good. It can only destroy your motivation. Instead of thinking what is wrong give your attention to make it best.

09. Give up Trying to Impress Other People

Stop trying to pretend other who you actually are not. Fake pretension is fatal for you. People will impress by seeing what you actually are. So don’t start to be like others.

10. Give up Fears

Fears are just illusion, it has no real identity. If you fear do to anything that will only give you failure. Try to be brave and strong enough to make yourself of what you are. When you will let go your fears it will make you free.

11. Give up Excuses

Do things best but don’t find excuses for everything. People packed themselves when they find excuses. People get stuck there in life for these excuses. So give up excuses and enjoy your life fullest.

12. Don’t Fight Change

Change is a natural process. The world is changing in every second. Don’t try to hold what is past. Changes can be proved better for you in most of the cases. Fight against change can bring disappointment for you. So embrace changes for your betterment.

13. Give up Criticism

Yes, criticism is sometimes good when you know that the thing is not perfectly alright. But always criticize others is a bad habit. Each person does what they can best. So try to encourage others to do something very essential in life rather than stopping them.

14. Give up Labels

People feel more comfortable when they can put a label on things. When you don’t understand anything open your mind but don’t label anything as per your own accord.

15. Give up Attachment

Give up your attachment with time as you can get better time in future. Attachment comes from fear. If you don’t let go your attachment this will harm you in way of your future life.



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