Top 15 Diets Those Fights to Protest Cancer

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Today cancer has become a common disease. But there are treatments for preventing cancer. It is best if you follow diet chart to protest cancer than curing it. So here are some diet plans which can help you to fight against all type of cancer.

01. Garlic

Those who eat a lot of garlic can protest stomach and colon cancer. Garlic contains cancer fighting vitamins those don’t let cancer make place in body. You can eat a clove of garlic regularly to have a sound body. Garlic also helps to purify blood and reduce the risk of stroke.

02. Berry

All the berries like black berry and strawberry fight against cancer. Berries contain antioxidant that helps your body cell to stay damage free. Antioxidants also protect body from spreading cancer. Eat a handful berries regularly and stay safe and healthy.

03. Tomatoes

Tomato helps to safeguard your DNA and protect you from cancer. Mainly prostate cancer runs away. Tomatoes have Lycopene which helps to protect body from cancer. Tomato sauce also works like raw tomatoes.

04. Green Vegetables

Green vegetables also help to fight against cancer. Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower etc are very helpful to protest cancer. These vegetables helps cell’s DNA to stay safe and sound. They help to stop tumors in body and kill cancer cells. As an anti diet cancer green vegetables play the most important role.

05. Green Tea

Green tea contains antioxidant which helps to prevent cancer. Green tea doesn’t allow tumors in body to grow up and helps body to stay away from cancers. Regular drink green tea for staying safe and secure.

06. Whole Grains

Whole grains contain fiber and antioxidants which helps to prevent cancers. Whole grains help you to stay away from colorectal cancer. Brown rice is one of the best examples of whole grains. So take this food to fight against cancer.

07. Avoid Drinking

Research shows that Alcohol can grow cancer in your body mainly it increases breast cancer. So be careful about alcohol. If you want to drink then drink less and eat anti cancer foods more.

08. Turmeric

Turmeric has the ingredient name curcumin which helps to fight cancer. Turmeric is used to cook food. Use turmeric in foods regularly and stay cancer free.

09. Green Leaf

Green leafy vegetable like spinach helps to reduce to risk of cancer. It helps to discourage the cancer cells from growing in your body. If you eat leafy green vegetables you can stay tension free.

10. Grapes

Grapes are also very helpful to prevent cancer. Grape contains antioxidants which help to protect body form cancers. It also helps to protect prostate cancer.

11. Beans

Red kidney beans contain antioxidants which help to protect cancer. It also has fiber which is also helpful to fight cancer. Eat Beans regularly to protest cancer.

12. Squid Salads

Squid also helps to prevent cancer. Mix squid with green vegetable and olive oil and eat as salads. This will protect your body from various types of cancers.

13. Nuts

Walnuts Fight against breast cancer. It is very important for women to eat nuts regularly to protect themselves from breast cancer.

14. Carrots

Carrot also contains antioxidants to prevent cancers. Regular drinking of carrot juice helps you stay safe.

15. Mushrooms

Mushrooms boost the immune system which helps to prevent cancers.



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