10 Reasons Why Donald Trump is worst President

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1. Our democracy is already broken.

When having conversations with intelligent people, they challenge my desire to have the Electoral College cast their votes differently than how their states voted, by stating that this goes against our democracy.

Well, here’s the thing, our democracy in the US is already broken. When a system can elect a president, and his cabinet, into a position of power that doesn’t stand to protect the rights of all the country’s citizens, we no longer live in a progressive democracy, and that is what the United States has always been, a progressive democracy.

As if it couldn’t be even clearer, I will once again state this, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

Things are breaking daily, and in my opinion, we shouldn’t stop until we’ve hit out lowest point, which we haven’t hit yet. We need to hit rock bottom, so we can actually start building something new, rather than rebuilding on a permanently damaged foundation.

You wouldn’t build a brand new house, on an old, out-dated, cracked foundation with a sleazy contractor, who’s probably just in it for the money, and going to do a patch job, would you? So why rebuild America that way?

2. The United States will see a divide regardless.

Continuing the conversation from the previous point, a lot of smart people highlight that by the Electoral College going against the way the states voted, an even bigger divide in the country will happen.

Wake up!

We’re already divided in a big way, the election has shown us that. This isn’t something new, and having Trump as our President will not change this because his presidency is set to marginalize a huge number of people. We’re fighting to have someone in office, who won’t halt progress, and who will champion for ALL people, which brings me to point number 3.

3. We want EVERYONE’S lives to be better.

Dear straight-white-dudes, we don’t want to take your guns away, (I mean if I could, I would), or make you gay, or make you even like us, but if you get to keep your guns than I should 100% be allowed to marry the love of my life, women should be able to make decisions that affect their own bodies, and black people should feel as safe as you. The things that we’re asking for, the things you had immediately guaranteed to you at birth, are simply the things we want too.

Furthermore, if we’re able to take this election back, we’ll still be kind to you, and make sure you have healthcare, are safe, and can marry your lady friends.

P.S. Your guns do have the potential to affect me in a big way, and to claim that my lifestyle affects yours in anyway, is like blaming me for why the sky is blue. It just doesn’t connect.

4. I refuse to let my life be dictated by FEAR.

A lot of people are scared. You know what I have to say about that, “Good!”

This means you care.

The media, and a lot of people, want to play on this tactic of fear, when arguing about what could happen if we’re to actually get Hillary into office instead of Trump. The initial response to this idea is that many Trump supporters would go crazy, and I think we can all say that based off of the Trump rallies, this is a very educated hypothesis.

But what so many people don’t seem to realize, is that for millions of Americans there’s already a huge fear of living authentically as themselves, in their own country, state, city, etc because we’ve already felt fear coming from the other side, and a lot of the time, it’s in the form of hate.



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