A Debate Every Single and Committed person Has

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Are you single or are you committed? If you’re single, then do you like being single? If you’re committed, then do you like being committed? If you like being single, then why do you like being single and if you don’t like being single, then why don’t you like it? If you like being in a relation, then why do you like it? If you don’t, then why are you in it? Well well, here is a debate every single and committed person has

 1. It feels amazing to sleep to someone’s goodnight text/call


Who has the time and energy for goodnight texts/calls, just go to sleep man!


2. You know there is someone who is always waiting to talk to you


Yeah like my mom is always waiting to talk to me


3. It is cute to give gifts and receive gifts


I would prefer spending money on myself. My wishlist is already big, can’t accommodate someone else’s list


4. You can tell that person anything and everything and they won’t judge you


I tell my best buddy anything and everything, why do I need to date for that.


5. Your weekend plans are sorted, you never have to hunt for a company


I am so famous I don’t need to hunt for a company. One call and my friends are always ready


6. When you look at them, you know everything is just perfect


Like when I look at pizza I know nothing can get better than this


7. You get to have a perfect love story


I have the most adorable singlehood story


8. Your life is full of sweet surprises, and little gestures make a huge difference


Guess what? I surprise myself with my awesomeness daily


9. It feels great to have someone who remembers your every little detail


Oh yeah! Like my phone and Facebook account. They remember my every little detail


10. You can cuddle up with them any time you want


I cuddle up with my pillow any time I want. And trust me my pillow doesn’t mind at all


Whether to be single or in a relationship is a matter of choice. To each his own and no one can ever conclude what is better. Both have their perks and down sides. Enjoy your current relationship status, because it doesn’t take a lot of time for things to change. ;)



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