Meditation Can Simply Relieve You From Stress

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Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Are your muscles tense or worried? Or have difficulty sleeping, inability to focus, and feel moody for most of the day? These are a few of the warning signs of stress and it is important to recognize these symptoms. Otherwise stress may perhaps wear you down in ways both physically and emotionally.

We all know that it is not possible to completely eliminate stress from our lives– but we can change the way we react to it.

To manage stress – introduce balance. Too much work requires play. Too much input requires solitude. Quiet brings the calm. But how to be quiet? Meditate.

Meditation is the intentional quieting of the mind – allowing us to touch and hear more than the continuous thoughts of work, tasks, family, and our physical bodies. There is much more going on within the silence of your spirit.

Listen to Your Breath and Feel Your Heartbeat

Some people may like to chant a mantra. A mantra is a sound, a word, or a group of words that is used as a tool of concentration. These vibrations then divert the mind to allow transformation and harmony to occur.

Breathe and Relax

Meditation has no judgements. No agenda. It is as simple as that. No analyzing. Being in the present moment. Openness. Allowing.

Simple Instructions For Meditation

1. Pick a quiet place. Create an atmosphere, with flowers or objects that are found in nature and use items that have a special meaning to you.
2. Sit comfortably with your back straight but not rigid. It may be on the floor or in a chair.
3. Your hands are placed in your lap or on your knees.
4. Close your eyes. Or lower your gaze with eyes half closed.
5. Allow your breathing to be natural. Nothing forced.
6. As thoughts come – allow them to be like the waves. Let them come and go. Don’t attach to these thoughts. Go back to your breathing.

Begin with sitting in meditation about 10 minutes. If a longer time feels correct – let it come about naturally.

One result of meditating is that you are calmer and less stressed. Tensions begin to melt and slip away. Clarity returns.

Silence is best for healing. Your body’s natural curative processes are now set in motion. Results show that meditation improves health and well-being.

This relaxed state of meditation brings about an ability to deal with issues in your life and to keep them in perspective. Some say you become a nicer person.



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