Top 5 tourist attractions in Toronto

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1. CN  Tower-

Stick a really tall building in the middle of a city and they will come.At 1,815 feet the CN Tower has lost its title as the tallest free standing structure in the world, but still attracts millions of tourists looking for a bird’s eye view of Toronto and the surrounding areas. A glass elevator whisks you to the 1,122 foot high indoor/outdoor observation deck where a portion of the floor is transparent. Instead of buying your admission ticket, you could also make a reservation at the tower’s top-floor restaurant to get the view.

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2.Casa Loma-For history or architecture buffs, Casa Loma is an interesting visit. Built by wealthy Toronto businessman Sir Henry Pellatt in the early 1900s, Casa Loma, similar to Hearst Castle in Calfornia, represents one man’s architectural dream. In the case of Casa Loma, however, Pellat’s dream went awry and contributed to his downfall.

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3.The Royal Ontario-  The Royal Ontario Museum, known as the ROM, is one of Canada’s premier museums with an international reputation for excellence. It houses an outstanding collection and also features major exhibitions from around the world. A controversial expansion of the facility saw a modern wing featuring glass and sharp angles added on to a very traditional older building. The museum contains collections covering a great variety of periods from all over the world.images (13)

4.Rogers Centre-Immediately adjacent to the CN Tower is Rogers Centre, a massive domed sports arena. The unique design includes a roof, which slides back, allowing it to be opened in favorable weather. This mega-structure, completed in 1989, is Toronto’s answer to the ambitious Olympic Stadium built by its arch rival, Montréal. Rogers Centre can accommodate many thousands of spectators and is a venue for every kind of sport, baseball and football in particular, as well as for rock and pop concerts. The center also offers one hour guided tours with a behind-the-scenes look at the facility.Tigersbluejaysapril2008

5.The Art Gallery of ontario-The AGO houses an impressive collection of more than 40,000 works, making it the 10th largest art museum in North America. The AGO is a superb document of Canadian art heritage but also features masterworks from around the world, spanning 100 AD to the present and housed in a stunning Frank Gehry building.




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