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Honestly animals are man’s best friend; because they are there for us when we are down, by our side with undying affection. That because we shouldn’t poison them with conventional store bought flea powder that is filled with chemicals. We can make our own very simple.

Always I have hated the idea of putting any kind of toxic flea powder on my dog. The number one cause of pet poisoning in the world, are conventional flea products. When you read the packaging, you will see that, many of the flea products have a warning label cautioning the use on human skin. If it can be toxic to us, how is it not toxic to our animals?

 It was absolutly last resort to use that chemical laden powder. I went to the holistic pet books and internet for help, when I figurate that the problem was getting out of hand. At the end, I struck gold by finding this amazing recipe, and I never ever have a problem with the chemical products again, and neither will you!


  • 1 Cup Yarrow Powder
  • 1 Cup Need Powder
  • 40 Drops Eucalyptus essential oil
  • 2 Cups Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth


Stir all the ingredients together and insert it in a shaker top container. Apply from head to tail along your pet’s spine in dry conditions. Going in the opposite direction brush your pet’s fur, so that the powder comes in contact with the skin.

Once a month I use this powder on my dog, or whenever I give her a bath.



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