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Controlling your body could be an amazing thing, for example, you could overcome physical pain or you may have ability to slow down your heart. We are powerless about many functions and reactions in our body because we don’t understand them. But you can have control over some things and teach your body some health tricks, all you need to do is some practice.

  1. Relieve headaches and migraine quickly

Next time when you have headache, try not to use medicals. You should implement acupressure, which is effective against most frontal headaches and migraines. You will feel relaxation in less than 10 minutes.

You can find the point on the webbing amidst the thumb and the forefinger. When both fingers are brought close together, the spot is on the highest spot of the muscle that sticks up. Press this muscle using the thumb and the index finger. Place the thumb on the upper side of the hand, and the index finger on the other side. Performing this stimulation will also help you with toothache, labor pain and shoulder pain. By pressing particularly spots, you will enhance releasing the Qi energy (body energy), according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  1. Encode long-term memory

If you wish to remember something for long time, work on it before going in bed. Moving information from short-term to long-term memory is happening mostly in our sleep. This is called memory consolidation. So if you have something important to remember for good, review it before sleeping.

  1. Slow down your heart rate

When you are nervous, your heart starts to work faster. In order to return your heart rate back to normal, you must affect the vagus nerve, which controls the heart rate. Control this nerve with breathing,

Get rid from nervousness by breathing out against a closed airway. Press your nose and try to exhale while your mouth is closed. This pressure in your chest will assist in vagus stimulation.

  1. Stop a nose bleed

The nose usually bleeds from the cartilage wall that separates the nose. Use cotton or gauze to stop the bleeding, by pressing hard on your upper gums, just behind a tiny recess below the nose.

  1. Control alcohol induced dizziness

In the inner ear is located the organ for balance, which floats in a fluid that is the same density as blood. The alcohol rarefies your blood, and the blood in the inner ear, which makes the balance organ to float higher. This will disorient the brain, and it will need some stimulus to assist for its observation of the world. You will help your brain by holding something stable with your hand. Than the sensitive nerves of your hand will provide the brain with perceptible input, which will make the brain to revise the situation and give you better and more visible picture of the world.

  1. Cure your toothache-related pain

Use the same acupressure that was demonstrated for headache. You will have better results if you rub ice on the V-shaped webbed place amidst the thumb and the forefinger. The pain signals from the pain and the face will be blocked.

  1. Fight acid reflux by sleeping position

According to some studies, if you sleep on your left side you will less likely suffer from acid reflux. This can be explained with the position of your internal organs. The esophagus and stomach are connected at an angle, so the sleeping position appoints which one is higher,

Your stomach is higher if you sleep on your right side. This can cause stomach acid to get in the esophagus easier. When you sleep on the left side, then the esophagus is higher, so the acid can’t travel upwards.

  1. Clear your stuffed nose instantly

Lisa DeStefano, an assistant professor at the Michigan State University College of osteopathic medicine, presented an osteopathic trick, which is easy to use. You need to implement two movements, that will make the vomer bone to rock back and forward, which will loosen the blockade. You will need to knock your tongue against the roof of the mouth, then press with one finger the point between your eyebrows. Variant between the two movements and you will have results in less than 30 seconds.

  1. Feel no pain while donating blood

Try coughing if you are afraid from the needle thrust. Coughing you will decrease the pain. This method will bolster the pressure in the chest and the spinal channel, which will prevent the transmission of the pain signal up the spinal cord. Keep in mind to warn the person taking blood if you are using this method, because you might disturb their procedure.

  1. Cure a tickling throat

If you have tickly throat, you shouldn’t attempt to reach inside and give it a proper scratch. All you need to do is to scratch your ear! When you are scratching your ear, you trigger a reflex in the throat which is making your muscles writhe. In this way you will itch, and calm down your throat.

  1. Use cold water to cool your nerves

Watering your face with water as cold as possible, is very effective way to calm yourself down. Meanwhile you should hold your breath. That will make your body believe that your life is in danger and will arise an old mammalian reflex. It will economize oxygen, which will lead to better oxygen use. Take deeper breaths which will relax your nervous system.

  1. Delay your most primal urge to pee

When you have a sudden need to urinate, and the nearest bathroom is far away, you shouldn’t think of the problem, instead direct your thoughts to something else. According to Larry Lipshultz, M.D., chief of male reproductive medicine at the Baylor College of Medicine, you should fantasize about sex and sexual fantasies, which will keep your brain occupied, and help you to get to the nearest toilet.

  1. Unstitch your side when you run

You may suffer from a pain on the right side of your belly while you are running. This pain comes from the liver, which is located below the ribcage on the right side. The pain is caused because you probably follow a particular pattern- breathing out when your right foot hits the ground. In this way, there is a pressure on the liver which causes a side stitch when it jerks the diaphragm. All you need to do is to change the pattern, breathe out when your left foot hits the floor.

  1. Swallow your tablets painlessly

When you struggle with huge sized medications and supplements, it probably results with caulking and discomfort. If you are putting your head back when swallowing, you are doing the wrong thing. You should do the opposite, bend your head forward. Take a tot of water, bend your head forward, and swallow the tablet. The tablet will flow in your mouth, which will make it easier to go down.

  1. Extend your time underwater

In order to learn this trick, you should know how the organism works. The need for breathe doesn’t come from deficit of oxygen, but from the amplifying carbon dioxide in the blood. The brain knows that there is a problem, once your body becomes acidic. This reaction can be delayed, if you hyperventilate before the dive. This will lower the blood’s acidity, which will allow you to stay longer under the water. Before submergence, you should take several short, quick breaths and then dive in. By hyperventilating you will trick your brain that it has more oxygen, which will allow you longer stay in the water.



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