12 Beautiful reasons to be with someone who Reads

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Talking to someone and not with someone is perhaps the most lonely your words would ever get. Do you know that feeling when your mind takes the personality of a character in a book and you search for their soul mates, and not yours?

Only a reader will know that you can live innumerable lives in one body. Only a reader will know that words mean much more than what they really do and that the story does not end on the last page.

Reading is a privileged hobby. We all have books, but not many read. A reader can often be spotted, juggling with a book or a kindle, sorting articles in their pricey gadgets and glancing over every piece of recorded information. Readers have the knack to make dreams out of vision, stories out of words, theories out of experiences and many lifetimes out of one life.

Here’s why you should be with someone who reads;

1. Someone who reads does not talk but speak

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They just don’t be in a conversation, they make them.

2. They are a combination of millions little things that they have read

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A reader’s mind is a fancy paradise. It knows both sides of the table and thus react in a thoughtful way. It knows the value of doing wrong, supporting the wrong and what good will come if things are right.

3. A reader will always appreciate the simplest things in life

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They see the beauty in every little thing.

4. Readers understand unsaid things pretty well

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You don’t have to point everything for them, they will read your emotions in your eyes.

5. Those who read consume thoughts voraciously

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They read your mind.

6. Readers are creative at mind and thoughtful at heart

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Did you see that? Their mind is creative with all the imagination and their heart thinks about the eccentricity of life.

7. People who are always ready to challenge the basics

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Readers read and challenge the basic customs and rituals of society. They evolve their perspective more often than not and that’s the secret of their beautiful mind.

8. There’s a never ending process of learning for them

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Their progress is constant.

9. The beauty lies in their imagination

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When they read, they give wings to the characters of the book.

10. Readers come with strong opinions and thorough beliefs

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Because a mind that has consumed so much is bound to talk some brilliance.

11. Readers are never boring, they always have a story to tell

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Of course.

12. Readers treat their lover as their favorite book, they never stop reading

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Are you ready for such love?

A reader’s mind is a flawed beauty that will never cease to mesmerize. They think; they think a lot, they speak; they speak a lot and they comprehend over the subtle beauties of life.

We read to know we’re not alone.



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