you know it’s summer when. …..

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Summer is here, and how. The terrible heat, the excessive sweating, the constant need to fan yourself even when the fan is on its fastest speed. It’s the little things we start with that end up making us realize that we’ve already shifted to bringing the summer in, waiting for the day we can say goodbye to it.

You know the summer season is upon us, when…

1. All the plastic and glass water bottles come out from their long stint of hibernation


All ready to be filled up with H20.

2. Then starts the ritual of keeping the fridge stocked with ice cubes


Suddenly, the freezer is packed.

3. You hear the dialogue ‘bottle mein paani wapis bhar ke fridge mein rakhna’ multiple times a day


And you get yelled at when you forget to do the same.

4. The constant buzzing of the cooler is all that dominates the room


As long as you’re not sweating, you aren’t complaining.

5. Everyone (including you) gradually stops bothering about dressing well; they’re more interested in dressing comfortably


IDGAF- Everybody during summer.

6. People fully covered with scarves, sun coats, and gloves outside becomes a common sight


You’re one of them.

7. Summer means summer vacation. And that means tons of kids out to play


Not sure if happy to see kids going out and playing, or sad because there’s kids EVERYWHERE.

8. And naturally, the swimming pool in the society is overflowing with them


There goes your alone time with some cool, calming water.

9. Getting at least 20 shades darker or getting sunburned is highly anticipated


Your beauty budget skyrockets. Thanks, sunscreen.

10. You have a sudden urge to drink this:


It smells of your childhood.

11. And have a couple of these:


You’re never too grown up to have a hundred of these.

12. And this:


Goes without saying.

12. Ads that tempt you hard to cool yourself down are everywhere


“Aaya mausam thande thande…” yeah we get it.

13. Having a bath twice a day becomes a necessity


The bathroom is your temple

15. And after the crazy 3 months of intense heat, the summer marks its end with the first showers of lovely, lovely rain


The. Best. Feeling. Ever.



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