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Did you know that even in the winter or in the northern climates can be grown a productive lemon tree inside of your home or garage. They are quite beautiful in appearance, and in terms of their dark-green leaves and their snow-white blooms, and they also emit a pleasant, refreshing scent.

To grow your own lemon tree, you will need to obtain the following:

  • A planting pot that is six inches wide and six inches deep
  • A seedling pot that is about 24 inches wide by 12 inches deep
  • An organiclemon since non-organic lemons often contain non-germinating seeds
  • Fertile pottingsoil, preferably containing peat, vermiculite, perlite, and natural fertilizers
  • A sunny, indoor growing location and possibly a grow lamp

Follow these steps to grow your own lemon tree:

  1. Moisten the potting soil.
  2. Fill the container with less sand, one inch below the rim.
  3. Cut and open your lemon and remove the seeds. Remove all the pulp from its surface.
  4. The seed must still be wet when buried in the soil. Plant the seeds about half an inch deep in the middle of the pot.
  5. Spray the soil that is directly above the seed lightly with water from a spray bottle.
  6. Cover the container with clear plastic wrap, seal the edges with good rubber band, and poke small holes in the top with a pencil.
  7. Place the pot in a warm sun.
  8. Spray more water from time to time, not allowing the soil to dry. It does not cause water to pool though. Just keep the soil slightly moist.
  9. After about two weeks, when sproutling occurs, remove the plastic bags. If you need extra light on your lemon tree, you can use a grow light to supplement the light of the sun.
  10. Take care of the young plant by keeping the soil moist, by making sure it gets at least 8 full hours of daylight, and by giving it a moderate dose of organic fertilizer.
  11. Consider whether your plant is not attacked by diseases and various errors. Cleaning off the brown, dead leaves when needed. Use pesticides, if you must. Protect your new lemon tree!
  12. Fasten the plant in a large bowl. You will go through a lot of the same procedure when you re-plant as when first planted. Younger plants need more water than older plants, but they need adequate water. Do not starve your poor plant after all that work of growing it!



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