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It’s necessary to visit the dentist once or twice a year for controlling your oral health. It is very possible that you have never heard about brushing your teeth with eggshells, which is not strange. You are using toothpaste that makes your teeth completely white.

But the eggshells are rich with ideal substances for healing cavities even better then the toothpaste you are using, and also there is a plenty of calcium and over 27 other minerals contained. This is too impressing for throwing out eggshells because we don’t know about their characteristics.  A friend of mine named Anette used this natural remedy because her sensitive teeth have had a lot of cavities. She hasn’t prevented her teeth from cavities with using natural fluoride free tooth paste and commercial brands for sensitive teeth, and also plain baking soda. Then she started to research about tooth remineralization, and she found out that with this process dentin will be regenerated in the specialized cells in the middle of the tooth, the layer of tooth just under the enamel. Then enamel can regularly remineralize from the outside. She learned about a diet which was expensive and she knew that she can’t implement it. But some time later she found a recipe for homemade remineralizing toothpaste made from eggshells.

She stopped the cavities development after using the toothpaste for nearly one year. Her dentist was amazed when he noticed that there wasn’t any plaque building up and the teeth were much cleaner than before. Her friends were impressed too and were curious about the tooth paste she had used. They heard the most unexpected answer-eggshells! Her overall mouth health was improved greatly, her confidence was bigger and she was a lot happier than before.

The science behind the eggshells toothpaste

It was the Hungarian physician Krompeher with a group of medics and biologists who were first to start researching for the healthy characteristics of eggshells. Over decade researches proved that the eggshells are rich source of bio-available calcium which is solid and easy to absorb.

In a study from dentistry school from the Philippines, Krompeher’s statements were acknowledged. In the study they compared their eggshells tooth paste with different commercial toothpaste brands. It was proven that in time the teeth treated with the eggshell tooth paste became cleaner and had less plaque and firmer enamel. This is result of the trace minerals and calcium contained in the eggshells, and they are vital for healthy enamel, which prevents cavities.

The eggshells are useful for many other things. According to some studies eggshells are boosting the healing of orthopedic diseases like congenital dislocation of a hip or osteoporosis.

Eggshells are very helpful for the small children in their bone tissue formation because of the high levels of calcium.

How to consume eggshells

To get maximum nutrition from eggshells, use organic free range eggs. Boil the eggs until hard, that will eliminate any pathogens. Strip off the egg shells. When they are dried, triturate them into a fine powder and use them as an addition in any meal.

Homemade Eggshell Toothpaste  

The bigger vantage of the eggshell toothpaste is the containing a natural ingredients, its efficiency and it is cheap of course. In this way you are avoiding the commercial toothpastes that can cause cancer or enclosed plastic in your gums. People believe that as like baking soda, the eggshells are abrasive too. But the eggshells and baked soda compared with the commercial toothpastes are much less abrasive and are much healthier for your teeth. It is believed that baking soda in combination with lemon is treating cancer, and also the baking soda is great home medicine.



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