12 Ways Life Is Just Like a WWE Match

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The love and craze for WWE have been ever growing since then. Till date, people enjoy watching it with the same enthusiasm as they had when they were kids. But this staged-show is pretty deep. There is more to it than two giants fighting each other to win a metallic belt.

Well, I would go ahead and say, WWE is exactly like our life & there are hidden life-lessons to be learnt

1. Always make a grand entry wherever you go


There’s no reason to be shy, timid and a push-over. Flaunt your skills, make an impression.

2. People are constantly observing you


Just like a WWE match, people have eyes on you. Constantly. They’ll judge you too.

3. People will either woo or boo you, but you should never stop working towards your goal


Let people not affect your decisions and your abilities. Haters gonna hate.

4. People are always ready to fight you, but getting scared of competitors is not the way to go about things


Sometimes, you have to be your own superhero.

5. People might gang up on you, but you have to always be ready to not let them affect you


Fall down seven times, stand up eight. That’s life, buddy!

6. Practice, practice and then practice some more.  Continue mastering your skills till your last breath


Because education is a continuous process, one that never ends.

7. Reaching the top is not the end of things. You have to sustain your number one position


Perseverance and consistency: It means life is not a single day battle, it’s a war. It’s a journey.

8. Distractions are in abundance, but concentration is the key to success


Focus on what you’re best at. That is all that is really needed.

9. You could be a trendsetter and people will look up to you, so make sure you’re setting a good trend


A good trend can ignite a revolution. With power comes responsibility.

10. Sometimes you will be surrounded with hurdles, stuck in a cage but you always have to fight your way out


Life is not a plain paper, it’s a crumpled one. Never stop fighting. Never stop trying.

11. Clock will keep ticking, if you don’t make it to the count of 10, you might just lose


Take risks whenever you can. Gratification will be delayed, but will come for sure. Clock’s ticking.

12. In the end, everything falls into the right place


Isn’t that just like life? You have your ups and downs but in the end, all’s well that ends well.

Next time your parents stop you from watching WWE, just tell them about all the life lessons you’re learning from it. :)



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