15 Little changes In Your Daily Routine That’ll make your life healthy

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Isn’t it weird that first we compromise on our health to earn money and then we spend that money to sustain the same health. Life would be so much easier if we could balance the too. One wouldn’t have to compromise on any opportunity if they do it right the first time. 

You really don’t have to kill yourself every day or put your health to challenge in order to run your other errands properly. Make a life where you can handle the two with great grace. Here are some small changes that won’t take much of your time, yet will deliver quite productive 

1. Switch glass bottles with plastic bottles

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Plastic bottles are hazardous, no matter what you are told. They just shouldn’t be used.

2. 20-20-20 rule for your eyes

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The 20-20-20 rule suggests that after every 20 minutes,  the computer user should take a break for at least 20 seconds and look at objects that are 20 feet away.

3. Incorporate this 21 minutes workout in your life, without any further delay

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We think we are doing just fine without routine exercises, well we aren’t.

4. Use small plates, small spoons and big bowls

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This way you will eat less. Eating more food is more of a mental need than a literal one. A big bowl will enable you to eat a lot of lentils, which is healthy.

5. A glass of lukewarm water every morning

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Before you know, your metabolism will be on the go.

6. Know what you eat

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We hardly care about what we eat. I am sure if you start reading details on the packet, half the junk food that you eat you won’t. Once you know how many calories you’re gaining with it, you will try to substitute it with something better.

7. Quench your sweet tooth thirst with dark chocolate

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Did you know that you could lose weight if you consume dark chocolate in right quantities?

8. Stretch through commercials

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It is actually fun to give your muscles the stretch that it needs. Make it a habit that you’d stretch whenever there is a commercial on TV.

9. Always take stairs, no matter what

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The little things that make a big difference.

10. 2 km rule

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If your errands are less 2 km away, always walk. Burn fat instead of petrol / diesel.

11. Eat your fruit, don’t drink it

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Adding sugar and other preservatives to make it tasty often takes away the real nutrition of fruits. Avoiding drinking them. It brings a lot of heart healthy fiber.

12. Switch to lemonade, green tea or old school black coffee

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Most blended drinks are like a dessert in a cup. This can save you as much as 300 calories and nearly 18g of fat a day.

13. Take your nights seriously

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Next time someone lectures you about long hours of sleep, tell them this. A proper 8 hour sleep can help you in reducing weight, fatigue and other heart threats.

14. Never skip your breakfast

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It is like staying hungry for straight 12+ hours. Breakfast is the most important of all meals. Skip your dinner if you want to, but never skip your breakfast. It causes damage to your brain.

15. Know the difference between being hungry and being bored

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A tough decision to make.



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