Stop Eating Water Melon The Wrong Way! How To Eat It Right And The Health Benefits You Get!

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Have you been eating watermelons wrong your whole life? Maybe you have, read this to find out!

Did your mom ever tell you not to swallow the seeds in a watermelon? She most likely did at some point in time; it’s what everyone says. Even though now that I’m grown, and I know that is not true, I still split out the seeds. I’m not sure why I still do but maybe I should stop because watermelon seeds are full of wonderful nutrients we need, such as B vitamins, protein, fats, magnesium, and iron.

Watermelon seeds have vitamins in them they are essential for our body to function correctly. Without them, our bodies would have improper digestion, slower brain functions, and irregular heartbeat. Some of these victims like folate and niacin help our body lower cholesterol and turn food into energy that reduces our risk of many diseases.

Protein is sometimes hard to find large amounts proteins in foods, but just one cup of dried watermelon seeds has more than 30 grams of protein. This kind of protein is made up of amino acids that help regulate blood pressure.

They also have large amounts of fats including omega-6 fatty acids that are also good for your blood pressure. Although some of these fats are good for you, watermelon seeds are also high in calories which can be a downside.

Again another great nutrient is magnesium it also helps regulate your blood pressure. Just one cup of seeds will be a half of your recommended daily intake. The iron in the seeds helps cure fatigue in most people. Another great thing about iron is it carries oxygen to your brain.



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