8 Gross Signs You Have Reached A Level Of Comfort In Your Relationship

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When people get into a relationship, we often try to be a “better” version of ourselves. Then we reach that point where we let it all come out!

Nothing quite says intimacy like no makeup and an accidental fart! You start to realize that you love the person that you are with even with horrible morning breath and a hairy vagina. You don’t care that they have gained weight, and all of their flaws make you love them all the more.

  1. You Order exactly what you want on a date

Does chowing down on a double cheeseburger look sexy? Not particularly, but do you care? Not in the slightest, in fact, he probably enjoy the mustard smeared all over your face. In return, you let him have that ice cream even though you know how dairy does in his stomach!

  1. No Make Up

Nothing says love like not wearing a face full of makeup of in front of the person you love. He always tells you, “You don’t need makeup,” so embrace it!

  1. You don’t feel the need to shave

The most amazing thing about being in a comfortable relationship is that you do not have to shave. That need to impress is no longer there, and it is time for it all to hang ouuuuttt.

  1. You fart in front of each other

We all know the feeling off horror the first time we let it rip in front of our significant other, now when it happens you barely raise a brow. Although, it can still ruin a moment of intimacy, but some even find it endearing!

  1. He has seen you wearing your spanx

It is time to realize it is not all lace and thongs all the time. Sometimes we have to suck it in!

  1. Using each other’s toothbrush

If you already lick each other’s faces, are you really preventing the spread of germs by brushing with your finger? You can take your chances.

  1. You go to the bathroom with the door open

Some people may never be okay with this, but if you have done it you know that you have reached a new level of intimacy, a gross of course I will pop that back zit for you moment.

  1. Period Talk is okay

Sometimes it is necessary, like “Honey can you go buy me some tampons?” If period talk can occur without your boyfriend getting that kill me now face, your relationship is golden!

Even though you do all this, you still find your significant other is sexy. This is not just a matter of simply tolerating these gross things; it is a matter of knowing you love your partner regardless.





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