20 Duplicates That You Won’t Believe Actually Exist!!!

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Everyone in this world has duplicate. Real fact is that every face in this world has 6 similar faces. Don’t get shocked and have a look at below 20 famous faces that look alike.

1. Ahmed Shehzad & Virat Kohli

Ahmed Shehzad & Virat Kohli

2. Akshay Kumar & Shaun Micheals

Akshay Kumar & Shaun Micheals

3. Anne Hathaway & Diya Mirza

Anne Hathaway and Diya Mirza

4. Bradley Cooper & Hrithik Roshan

Bradley Cooper & Hrithik Roshan

5. Federer & Arbaaz Khan

Federer & Arbaaz Khan

6. Gandhi Ji

Gandhi Ji Alive

7. Gurmeet Singh Sethi & Manmohan Singh

Gurmeet Singh Sethi & Manmohan Singh

8. Jeetendra & Sheen

Jeetendra & Sheen

9. Jeevan Sharma & Virendra Sehwag

Jeevan Sharma & Virendra Sehwag( You Can't Tell Which One Is Real Sehwag)

10. John Abraham & One Of His Fan

John Abraham & One Of His Fan

11. Junaid Shad & Ranbir Kapoor

Junaid Shad & Ranbir Kapoor

12. Kapil Sibal & Wormtail

Kapil Sibal & Wormtail( Harry Potter Character)

13. Nazia Hassan & Anushka Sharma

Nazia Hassan & Anushka Sharma

14. Phillip Rhys & Tushar Kapoor

Phillip Rhys & Tushar Kapoor

15. Sachin Tendulkar & His Fan

Sachin Tendulkar & His Fan

16. Sahil Makhija & Pritam

Sahil Makhija & Pritam

17. Saif Ali Khan & Indian Oil Attendant

Saif Ali Khan and Indian Oil Attendant

18. Salman Khan & His Body Double

Salman Khan & His Body Double

20. Virat Kohli & Dominic Cooper

Virat Kohli and Dominic Cooper

Even you must be having your duplicate present somewhere in the World –

Let us know which celebrity resembles most with his/her duplicate.



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