Things To Do Before You Turn 26

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Turning 25 is big. It technically means that you are an adult?! Well we don’t know about the maturity and the responsibility part, but we do know that the ‘grown up’ feeling is equally horrid for all. Here we list 15 things, the things you should really do before you turn 25.

 1. Become friends with your parents.


We all know the troublesome teenage years and most of us, are not really besties with parents. Its time you tell them that you love them :)

 2. Practice kindness


Everybody you meet is fighting a fight. Be kind, sprinkle kindness wherever you go.

 3. Go on a vacation alone.


Travel on your own, it gives you the freedom to explore. Plan as you move, the thrill of the unexpected is such a high!

 4. Run a marathon.


Train for it, and just, do it.

 5. Read atleast 50 books.


No, no magazines. 50 titles will change your perspective in and out and make you that much more open minded.

 6. Go zorbing.


Go Zydro if you want to!

 7. Have a music library.


The one which will soothe and calm you down. The list of songs that will make you feel better, create it and keep it handy.

 8. Go to a kaorake bar.


Nothing like singing out of sync with a crappy voice, confidently! :D

 9. Have hobbies.


No, browsing the internet is not a hobby.

 10. Every month, do one thing that scares you.


Get over your phobias and let yourself explore life better

 11. Volunteer.


The satisfaction of making someone smile is fantastic.

 12. Take yourself on dates.


Movies, spas and cafes? Hell yeah! Prioritize yourself :)

 13. Buy that ridiculously expensive item you have been saving up for.


Its time it came into your life!

 14. Forgive and let go.


Holding on to grudges is like renting your brain space to people that don’t deserve it.

 15. Live.


You don’t want to wake up one morning and feel like your whole life was spent with you doing nothing. Live it up while you are young so you have memories for when you are old :) Remember, if you follow all the rules, you will miss out on all the fun ;)

Shoot a comment and let us know the bucket list of yours!



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