Iphone 8 leaked information!!

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Iphone 8 leaked.

So I recently got to know something about Iphone 8! “Yes you read it right Iphone 8.”i-phone-8-leak-home

By my research I have some news of Iphone 8 right here  and also some of the leaked pics.

So according to the leaks and some of my research works ,

The Iphone 8 may have a full screen display with just a small piece for the speaker on top. yes this technology is possible by cutting few pixels from that area


And there are other sensors and front camera below the screen (hidden).

The other  thing is that due to full screen display the device  might have the touch id technology on the rear side of the device, if this would be the case then apple is losing its originality.


the secret full screen technology pic above!!

But then it might have touch id thing on its power button, this is another possibility. this technology is currently used by the “Sony”  their resent model smartphone.

Apple has changed the alignment of the camera and also inserted the flash and secondary mic. inside the camera casing making the back side more spacious and flat.

This device might be slightly thicker that the previous model and also the battery is in “L” shape for more battery life.

This Iphone might not have a metallic finish, it wouldbe polished finish like the jet black version in Iphone7 . that’s not the issue the main issue is the size. As the Iphone is launching their new models the size of the device is also increasing and Iphone 8 has a full screen technology so it would create a problem in  using the screen to the full length.



leaked schematic

So That’s it see, I can’t ensure that these things are 100% correct but I’ll soon post a new article on latest updates.

Till then stay connected.

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