Makeup Tips for When You’re Tired or Sick

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Following a restless night or when you feel ill, you can rely on a few makeup tricks to improve the look of your tired skin and puffy eyes. With a few key makeup products and proper application, you can head out looking presentable and feeling confident.

If you slept insufficiently, make sure to drink plenty of water to replenish your body's moisture.

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Hydrate Dehydrated SkinYou must cleanse and moisturize your skin to awaken your complexion, but those steps alone won’t make your tired and dehydrated skin look great. A tinted face product can make a big difference. But instead of using a high-coverage, thick foundation that emphasizes dryness, opt for a lightweight tinted moisturizer that evens out your skin tone and keeps your skin looking fresh.

If you need more coverage for dark circle and blemishes, use a concealer only in those spots. Additionally, you can apply a touch of creamy highlighter on your cheekbones to make your skin look dewy. If your skin is particularly dry, avoid using powder makeup, which can emphasize dry patches.

Cleanse and moisturize, but don't forget to use tinted moisturizer, too.

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Mask a Pale ComplexionA pop of color on your cheeks can instantly brighten your face. Use a cream product instead of a powder to give your skin a fresher look. Choose a brighter color than you would normally use, such as a warm pink, fuchsia or peach color. Bronzer is another useful product. Apply a creamy, warm-toned bronzer along your hair line, on the temples, on the side of your face and under your cheeks, to warm up your complexion. If your skin tends to get oily, apply powder only on those areas of your face (usually forehead, nose and chin).

Brighten up with blush and bronzer.

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Wake Up Tired EyesTired eyes are usually red and puffy, so it’s best to avoid heavy, dark makeup, especially on the lower lid, which emphasizes tiredness and puffiness. Sweep a flesh-toned eyeshadow on your upper lid to even out the skin tone. Then, use an eyelash curler to give an instant lift to your eyes and apply plenty of mascara on your upper lashes only. Finally, line your inner rim with a flesh-toned pencil, which instantly brightens your eyes. Avoid applying concealer too close to your lower lash line as it will emphasize the puffiness.

Applying a dark eyeliner on the lower lid makes the eyes appear more tired.

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Conceal Dark CirclesPiling up layers of under-eye concealer may seem like an appropriate choice, but proper concealer application is essential to efficiently camouflage dark circles. Choose a concealer one or two shades lighter than your skin tone, and apply it on your under-eye area. Dab only a few dots of product onto your skin, because if it feels tight and dehydrated, too much product could cause creasing and emphasize the fine lines. For a final touch to make your eyes look brighter and more awake, add a little highlighting eyeshadow in the inner corner.

Moisturize Dry LipsCertain lipstick formulas, such as the matte ones, tend to dry the lips and emphasize the lip lines. Opt for a moisturizing, sheer lipstick in light colors, as they tend to make your lips look fuller. A touch of lip gloss adds a little extra shine and makes your lips feel and look softer. If you choose to wear a matte lipstick, apply lip balm before the lipstick to condition them.

Dry lips need extra moisture to look and feel softer.

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Additional TipsHere are a few extra things you can do to look more alert and healthy:

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Use a brightening mask before you apply your makeup.
  • Put two spoons in the freezer until they get cold and then gently press them under your eyes for a few minutes to help with de-puffing.
  • Keep your face moisturizer and eye cream in the refrigerator. Apply them cold to your face and eyes to help de-puff them.
  • Carry a hydrating toner or floral water in your purse and spritz your face throughout the day.

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