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If you like to lose some weight, flatten your belly and control your desire for food, you will achieve it with the help of this healthy and exhilarating mixture of flavors for your drinking water. Here are the three Detox Water recipes that will provide you with their healthy benefits.

  1. Flat Belly Detox Water



  • 24 ounces ice cold water
  • Fresh cucumber-sliced
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • Half a lemon-sliced
  • ¼ orange-sliced

How this recipe works:

– Mint stimulates better digestion and alleviates stomach writhing.

– The cucumber has anti-inflammatory characteristics and disables water retention.

– The orange boosts the immune system and decreases cholesterol levels.

– Thanks to the citric acid, the lemon is helpful in cleansing the digestive system.

Note: You could substitute your ordinary drinking water with the detox water in order to maintain hydration through the day. Change the fruits after couple of refills, in order to maximize the benefits of this drink.

  1. Craving Control Detox Water



  • 24 ounce ice cold water
  • 1 sliced strawberry
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • One half sliced lemon
  • ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon
  • ¼ sliced apple

How this recipe works:

– Mint enables better digestion and alleviates stomach writhing.

– The strawberries are useful in fight against carcinogens and also has anti-aging characteristics.

– The lemon improves the digestive tract and helps against constipation.

– Cinnamon maintains blood sugar levels and decreases the sugar desire, which will make you to eat less sugar and to control the calorie consumption.

– The apple is very useful in repairing your bones and teeth. It will assist in healing some wounds quicker.

  1. Daily Cleansing Detox Water Recipe


  • 1,5-2 liters of ice cold (less water the stronger the taste)
  • Slices of cucumber and watermelon
  • 1 lemon or lime
  • 10-13 fresh mint leaves

How this recipe works:

– Mint improves the digestion and eases the stomach writhing.

– Lemon or lime will boost and control the digestive tract. They also enhance the bile production and whittle down the bile, which makes it to move more freely. The bile is released by the liver in order to degrade the fats that we ingested.

– Watermelon and cucumber: the citrulline included in the watermelon is organic ingredient that is assisting the organism to dislodge the toxins.



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