General 7 Absurd Bollywood Celebrity Tweets That Will Make You Facepalm

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These tweets are exactly why the term ‘facepalm’ was coined!

1) Chetan Bhagat

Back in 2011, Mr.Bhagat created a huge controversy when he tweeted, ‘Mothers give birth. But ultimately, the coke belongs to the guy who puts the coke in the vending machine. Happy Father’s Day!’


2) Priyanka Chopra

We agree that stars are used to certain luxuries. But PeeCee invited a lot of flak from Kashmiris when she tweeted: ‘Sorry I have been away… shooting in Kashmir has been insanely tiring… last day in Srinagar… off to Delhi this afternoon! Phew… will b back to civilisation soon… yayayayaayayayya!!’


3) Shahid Kapoor

Typos can lead to some of the most insanely hilarious accidents ever! Shahid Kapoor’s following tweet is the perfect example: ‘Premiere in the evening my girlgand deciding what I should wear :)’ Girlgand became an instant rage, and it trended for a day on Twitter!


4) Ameesha Patel

This one time, Ameesha totally ‘forgot to English’ and this happened:


Sonam Kapoor’s accent is easier to understand than that absurd tweet!

5) Salman Khan

Now Salman’s account is well-known for its random tweets. But this one right here is just gold! Now well, what’s really interesting is that the dog appears ‘Drunk’. And he’s ‘Sleeping on the footpath.’ Just putting it out there!


6) Abhijeet Bhattacharya

While we are on the topic of Salman, how can we forget this recent tweet which caused so much uproar on the internet? “Come out fraternity, support @BeingSalmanKhan boldly not hypocritically Roads footpath r not meant 4 sleeping, not driver’s or alcohol’s fault. Roads are meant for cars and dogs not for people sleeping on them,” Abhijeet tweeted infamously.



7) Farah Khan Ali

In the same league with Abhijeet, Farah also posted some tweets which infuriated people to such an extent, that she was forced to issue an apology! What’s worse, is that an FIR was launched against both Abhijeet and Farah. Howzzat for speedy justice?




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