Dawood’s doubles

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The US example of bribery won’t work in nabbing the head of D-company

Did the Americans bribe the Pakistani establishment in order to get Osama bin Laden? According to veteran US journalist Seymour Hersh that’s exactly what happened.

A mid-level Pakistani intelligence officer — who had been a very hawkish brigadier general in the army and had predicted the balkanisation of India — was allegedly tempted by the $25 million reward the Americans had put on Osama’s head to reveal the terrorist’s whereabouts. Moreover, the Pakistani army chief and the head of ISI were reportedly offered ‘inducements’ to cooperate with the Americans in the mission to eliminate Osama.

The White House has stoutly denied all these allegations. But should New Delhi take a cue from Washington to bring Dawood to book via bribery?

Currently, no one either in India or Pakistan seems to have the faintest clue as to where the criminal-turned-terrorist is hiding. The chances are, however, that he’s holed up somewhere in Pakistan, which seems to have become, the Promised Land for all sorts of terrorists.

Would bribery winkle out Dawood as it supposedly did in Osama’s case? Perhaps. Or perhaps not.

The export of terrorism has purportedly become a major industry in Pakistan. If bribes are offered to Pakistani officials to get at terrorists, this might create a lucrative ancillary business for Pakistan.

Many terrorist leaders — including Osama and Dawood — are believed to have look-alikes to help foil assassination attempts. If New Delhi were to offer a $25 million bribe for Dawood’s head, Islamabad could well hand over, one after the other, several Dawood doubles, and go laughing to the bank each time.

Indeed, such a money-making racket could tempt Pakistan to invest some of its loot in genetic engineering which could produce Dawood clones, ad infinitum, each one fetching $25 million.

Indeed, having sacrificed a clone of himself, a very live Osama might still be safely hidden in Pakistan somewhere, having the last laugh on the Yanks.

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