10 Reason why having short hair actually the best

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Having long lustrous hair is almost every Indian woman’s dream. But we also know that that dream brings way too many problems with.

We spend half our life just switching shampoo and hair oil brands, untangling locks, covering our hair with caps and scarves and sobbing about the amount of hair fall.

So perhaps now we should embrace the perfection that is short hair. I mean, look at all the Bollywood celebs, they rock it. So why can’t we? And having short hair has so many benefits that you’d forget being sad about not having long hair.

Here are 13 perks of having short hair.

1. You’d be saying bye to weather troubles, once and for all

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Hair sweat? what’s that again?

2. You’d be saving a lot on shampoo and hair oil

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And save more money overall. Heh.

3. Short hair is super easy to manage while getting ready

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Going out at a moments notice? Oh yeah, I’m in!

4. You would never look plain. Nada

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It’s impossible not to make a statement with a short hair cut, even if you’re totally not trying!

5. Short hair goes well with all kinds of outfits

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Rock that LBD or wear a lehenga, you’d always look fabulous. And even better; you’ll stand out.

6. Short hair makes you look way younger

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Short haircut makes you shade few years instantly!

7. There are so many styles for short hair

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Leave it messy or style it as you like, you’ll rock it anyway! And you thought only long hair could be experimented on.

8. The back of your neck is now free to play with the breeze

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Or your face. Or your ears. Not to mention how you can flaunt a neck tattoo with panache. *feels the feeling of feeling air everywhere*

9. Short hair looks good on all kinds of hair

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Be it straight, curly or wavy, a short haircut just can’t go wrong!

10. You can color it without worrying much

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Embrace your inner punk chic!



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