6 Signs your boyfriend is taking you for granted

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Love is a two-way street. Respect is something that is very rare in this world. We, as humans take everything for granted and only realize someone’s worth when we lose them. There are wonderful human beings in this world who persevere and always try to find a reason to stay with people who do not actually deserve to be with them, but they never stop trying because they are built that way. They have been made to care too much and fight for the both of you. How can they run from what’s inside of them?

These are the people who actually matter in the long run, and what do we do? We leave them no option. We drag them to a dark alley and when they leave us, we realize a void which is hard to fill in our hearts.

If you have someone in your life who takes your kindness and affection for granted, you need to sever all ties with them. They will not only stunt your individual growth but will also alleviate your self-esteem.

Here are some signs that your partner is taking you for granted:


He doesn’t respect your opinion

Some people have an opinionated nature. They try to speak their mind about certain things, and that’s not wrong. However, when you share your views about some matter, instead of having a healthy discussion, he becomes angry and tries to be very bossy and dominant and stubborn in proving his point. He doesn’t care about what you think at all.

You are not his priority

Some people have busy lives and they have a very hectic schedule to follow. That is quite evident. In the start of a relationship, it’s all sunshine and rainbows and he might even leave certain things to be with you but as the relationship progresses, such a behavior starts to change and you can feel it in your bones. Whenever he promises to take you out or spend some time with you, something just comes up at the last moment and you are left hanging in the middle.

A different person when he wants to be physical

His mood will be totally antagonistic towards you throughout the day but whenever his hormones start to fizz up and he starts to feel horny, he is a different person altogether. He’ll try to be funny and charming just so that he can fulfil his own sexual desires and after it’s done, he changes into the same person he was before. You are not someone’s toy, please value yourself and stand up for yourself. Being intimate is a sacred thing and should not be desecrated like that at any cost.

Minimal appreciation

If your partner fails to notice the little things you do for him and just ignores them, then your relationship is hanging by a thread. One day, you prepare a great meal for him but he is so busy in his work that he doesn’t even bother to compliment you. He doesn’t understand the value of something that is right in front of him.

He ignores your texts

He always ignores your texts and it takes hours for him to reply. It’s okay when this happens once or twice, but it becomes a problem when this becomes his habit. And whenever you ask him the reason behind the ignorance, he always makes lame excuses up and laughs it off.

He hides big things from you and acts like it’s nothing

In a relationship, both the partners deserve to know each other’s personal lives and yet, you have no idea what he is doing in his personal life. You have no idea about how his work is going or what is going through his head. He may even make major decisions in his life without even consulting you and make ridiculous excuses like, “I just wanted to surprise you.” You are always the last one to know about certain things, his friends and his family might know about it beforehand. Sometimes, even his work colleagues know certain things before you.



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