10 Powerful & Popular Female Game Characters

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The virtual world of gaming is filled with dominated largely by men. There are women in the scene who are objectified in such a way that their strengths get overshadowed by their curvy bodies. However, there are some female game characters in the digital world with enough charisma, strength, bravery and talent. These girls have shown that they are much more than just well-endowed eye-candies, and have emerged as true heroines. Let’s read about some of the most powerful and popular female game characters.

1. Cortana, from Halo

Cortana, female game characters
Cortana appears in the Halo series of video games. She has been presented in the Halo: Combat Evolved and its three sequels, as well as the prequel of the game. In the game, she guides the player, i.e. Master Chief Petty Officer John 117, with backstory and tactical information, and is instrumental to the story as she prevents the installations of the life-destructive Halo. She is recognized for her believability and depth of character, besides being bodacious. She has inspired the intelligent personal assistant of Microsoft, Cortana, who has risen to fame recently by successfully predicting the outcome of all the matches of FIFA World Cup, 2014.

2. Lara Croft, from Tomb Raider

Lara Croft female game characters
Lara Croft is one of the first female gaming characters to attract widespread attention. While some applauded her for being a positive agent of change in games, others criticised her for being the wrong kind of role model for girls. But, Lara has quite a backstory. She is a British archaeologist-adventurer with a fast and athletic nature. She ventures into tombs and ruins in search of new adventures. She is a writer, too. Lara’s penchant for adventure grew after she had to spend two weeks, stranded in the Himalayas, following a plane crash. She is an expert at handling weapons, and is always dressed for a quest.

3. Chun-Li, from Street Fighter

Hot female game characters Chun-Li
Chun-Li is a female player character from the fighting game franchise called Street Fighter. The first female fighter to be introduced in the game, Chun-Li has a rich back story. She is depicted as an expert in martial arts and is an Interpol officer by profession. She is out to seek revenge for the death of her father in the hands of M. Bison, the notorious leader of the Shadaloo crime syndicate. Her playability, athleticism and backstory has won her great fan-following. She is also extremely attractive. Chun-Li is a trailblazer for female fighting characters.

4. Jill Valentine, from Resident Evil

Jill Valentine female game characters
Jill Valentine is one of the many female characters from the horror franchise, Resident Evil, but, is the only character who stands out because of her originality, intelligence, and evolution throughout the storyline. She starts out as a member of the US special unit, STARS. Her experiences include her escape from a city overrun by zombies. She founds a paramilitary organization, BSAA and is a key field operative of the organization. While she is the protagonist or co-protagonist in the majority of the series, she is also the antagonist of Resident Evil: Retribution. She is widely popular as one of the most attractive and best female game protagonists.

5. Faith Connors, from Mirror’s Edge
One of the main protagonists of the game series named Mirror’s Edge, Faith Connors is a ‘runner’ who acts as couriers, transmitting messages while evading the surveillance of the government. She is strong enough to jump between rooftops and run across walls to accomplish her mission. She is more than just body and strength: she has a political opinion, as she detests the totalitarian regime dominating the quasi-futuristic city and its dystopian society.



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