10 Beautiful Festivals that are a Visual Treat

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In the earliest years of civilization, people started having religious rituals as a way to worship the Supreme Being, to please the Mother Nature. Religions, faiths and beliefs changed and expanded over time. Today, the world is a global village, where all ceremonies take place together, and all people, regardless of religion, caste, nationality or all such boundaries, enjoy and celebrate together during festive times. Various festivities have different roots, reasons, and rituals. For some, the beauty lies in the sense that enamours the worshipper. They create an ambience that transports everyone present to a heavenly dimension. Then again, there are some festivals whose celebrations are like a feast for the eyes. Let us look at some of the most beautiful festivals that are a visual treat.

10. Scarlet Sails, White Nights Festival | Russia

Scarlet Sails, White Nights Festival
During the period of Midnight Sun in the Arctic Circle regions, St. Petersburg in Russia celebrates the White Nights Festival, an annual international arts festival with competitions, entertainment, etc. The main attraction is its culmination, the Scarlet Sails, in which a ship with scarlet sails, in the midst of amazing ambient lights and spectacular firework show, along with star entertainers and millions of guests, sets off along the Neva River, marking the freedom from school and rules. The tradition, started after theWW-II, was marked by the sailing of the scarlet-sailed boat, designed to update the erstwhile rusty revolutionary propaganda and the gathering of students.

9. Electric Forest Festival | United States

10 Beautiful Festivals
The Electric Forest Festival, which started less than even a decade ago as the Rothbury Festival, is a four-day multi-genre event, held at the JJ Resort in Rothbury, Michigan. The main focus of the event is upon electronic and jam bands. But, what captures the eyes is the ambience during this June festival. The surrounding environment becomes a kaleidoscope of psychedelic laser light shows. These blend with the electronica and the jamming. The lights and the sounds titillate different senses at the same time and create a surreal experience of wilderness. A part of the revenue from the festival is donated to Grant Township.

8. Winter Light Festival | Japan

Winter Light Festival, Japan
The Winter Light Festival is celebrated in the Kuwana City of Japan, during the season of winter, when many other beautiful and creative festivals are held throughout the country. In this city is located the beautiful flower-focused botanical park, the Nabano No Sato, with its greenhouses, gardens and the very special tunnel of light. The Winter Illuminations are celebrated in this botanical garden from November to March, when millions of LED lights, powered by solar energy during the day, light up together, creating gorgeous scenes, sparkling over the grounds and waters, creating powerful images and sceneries based on themes. The tunnel lights up in flower-shaped LED lights.

7. Up Helly Aa Fire Festival | Scotland

Up Helly Aa 10 Beautiful Festivals
To mark the end of the yule season, Shetland in Scotland celebrates a variety of fire festivals every year, in the middle of the winter season, along with a procession consisting of a large number of guizers. The most pompous of these is held at the capital, Lerwick, where the culture is born from an older yule tradition of tar barrelling, where burning tar in barrels used to be dragged on sledges by mischievous men, as early as 1876. Today, thousands dress up in themed, period-clothes, and take the on-lookers back in time. The procession finally torches down the replica of a Viking longship. The men in clothes of the bygone era, and the dazzle of the fire is a spectacle.

6. Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta | USA



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