Where to Find a Great Job That Pays Well

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Where to Find a Great Job That Pays Well

If you’ve found yourself contemplating a new job or new career, don’t despair. Even though the ongoing economic slowdown means most industries still face cutbacks and layoffs, there is one field that’s projected to grow steadily in the future: Health Care Professionals.

Job opportunities in health care are on the rise and expected to increase 34 percent through 2018.  This is due to two factors: Firstly, the American population is aging rapidly.  A much larger population of the elderly means a huge increase in demand for medical services and the people that provide them.

The second reason is related to technology. Our health care is getting more and more sophisticated.  And, that means highly skilled people are needed to deliver the service.

Put these two things together and you get higher salaries and more employee demand.

We all know that doctors make the big bucks.  But, talk about paying your dues – doctors must endure over 10 years of schooling and work horrendous hours.

Fortunately, you don’t need to become a doctor to settle into a stimulating, secure, and well- paying job.  There are many opportunities available, and one of the best ways to get into the field is as a medical assistant.

The field of medical assistants offers many options for flexibility and job growth. The position can be part-time, full-time, or even just evenings and weekends.  Working conditions and benefits tend to be excellent, and you can manage to have a life outside of work as well.

Medical assistants can specialize in a particular type of medicine such as podiatry, ophthalmology or chiropractic care, and their job duties are diverse.  They include:

  • Handling both administrative and clinical duties, while reporting directly to an office manager, physician, or other health practitioner.
  • Taking medical histories and recording vital signs.
  • Explaining treatment procedures to patients.
  • Assisting physicians during examinations.

Accreditation programs are often be the best way to get into the field. These programs will teach you everything you will need to know to work in a medical office—from clerical skills such as filing, transcription and recordkeeping; to anatomy, physiology and medical law, and ethics. Often these programs also provide internship opportunities and job placement services for graduates.

Completing a proper certification program can also make you eligible to move up from an initial position with a little additional training down the road.

Many medical assistants choose to take additional classes to become nurses and health care practitioners. Some take on additional administrative training and become office managers for larger practices. Your first job as a medical assistant is more of a jumping-off-point for a bigger, more rewarding career in the health care industry.

As with any training or educational course, always research any program thoroughly before beginning. Find out exactly what kind of training you will be receiving through your program and what kind of assistance and placement programs are in place to help you upon completion.

Working in the health care industry can be extremely rewarding, and a medical assistant training course can be the first step to a long and satisfying career in the health care field.

Check out some of the resources below to learn more about getting certified as a Professional Medical Assistant.




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