How to Stop Junk Mail and Save Money at Your Favorite Stores

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How to Stop Junk Mail and Save Money at Your Favorite Stores

Here’s a stunning fact for you: According to the U.S. Post Office, Americans were sent approximately 84 billion pieces of advertiser mail in 2011. In fact, these sale flyers, circulars and catalogues make up about 50% of all mail delivered in the U.S. today.

While most people mistakenly refer to this simply as “junk mail,” the reality is that these are incredibly useful, money-saving tools. Customers save thousands of dollars a year when taking advantage of the coupons and discounts found inside these near-daily deliveries. So the paradox is that even as people complain about these mailers, they’re also using them—and with increased regularity.

The conflict can be most easily explained by a study from the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law. It looked at privacy and advertising mail, and found that Americans sometimes view advertising mail as a privacy issue because of how these flyers get targeted to individuals through various offers they’ve signed up for in the past. They also feel a sense of intrusion as piles of advertising material flow into their home.

So what’s the solution?

CBS Local Offers has produced an incredible option for anyone who wants to save money but doesn’t want a ton of papers piling up on their kitchen table. This easy-to-use website features free circulars for major stores—from Sports Authority and PetSmart to Dollar General, Orchard Supply Hardware, and everything in between. These are digital versions of the same flyers you’d get with your regular mail, including all the advertised sales and coupons, but they can be accessed from your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Didn’t get your circulars in this week’s mail? Forgot to bring your flyers to the store? Need something to read while on the bus or train, or while waiting for an appointment to start? Want to score good deals but hate all the paper you’re throwing out every week?

As long as you have Internet access, you can browse these circulars—anytime, anywhere, and without any of the clutter or trash.

And, unlike flyers that come in the mail, CBS Local Offers helps you spot sales quickly. Just visit the site and enter your zip code for sales in your area. You can then sort by topic or discount amount. For example, on the PetSmart flyer, it’s easy to search for only cat or dog items, or products that are 50-60 percent off the regular manufacturer’s price. With that kind of help, it not only speeds up your search, but also helps you find deals you may have otherwise missed.

Best of all, this is a free service. Just visit CBS Local Offers, enter your zip code, and start saving money.

Click here to check out circulars for your area, and get rid of all that junk in your mailbox.



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